To members of my nation, it is time to wake up and rejoice because an iCarly reboot is underway. Dan Schneider’s hit Nickelodeon series of 2007 is all set to make a return to local television. It will be back on Thursday on Paramount, almost a decade after the series finale.

Lead actress Miranda Cosgrove will reprise her role in the iCarly reboot as Carly Shay, now an adult navigating her way through the obstacles in life with brother Spencer (Jerry Trainor) and best friend/confidante Fred. (Nathan Kress)

Showcasing the life of Carly, an eighth-grader, iCarly was a combination of all things pleasant. It showed life through a different lens; following Shay and her friends tread on a journey to become influencers, while managing the highs and lows of adolescence, along with the added advantages of becoming web influencers.

ICarly ran for six seasons before its final curtain call in 2012. From a blooming journey of romance to strengthening ties of friendships, the show has been an all-time favorite of millennials growing up in the decade.

ICarly Reboot

Before appearing in iCarly, Cosgrove had gained fame for essaying the role of Megan in “Drake and Josh,” to whom she pays a tribute in the reboot. Jennette McCurdy, who played the role of Carly’s obnoxious best friend Sam in the show, had been a part of “Sam and Cat” along with Ariana Grande.

Post-show conclusion, the cast of iCarly moved ahead in their respective lives. Cosgrove went on to pursue a psychology degree at USC and gave Margo her unique voice in the “Despicable Me” series. Kress began a podcast by the name of “Radioactive Dads,” which encompassed his experience with parenting and family life.

Meanwhile, Trainor moved on to work with Nickelodeon on shows such as “Wendell and Vinnie” and “T.U.F.F. Puppy.”  McCurdy, who was loved for her sheer honesty and rebellious attitude will not be returning for the iCarly reboot, as she has quit acting completely.

She claimed that joining the world of films and television wasn’t part of her plan and thus, her role will not be reprised. Another important figure who is not part of the revival is creator Schneider. Despite creating several hit shows for Nickelodeon, he has parted with the television network for good.

The new iCarly reboot is all set to come in the form of a 13- episode Paramount series, produced by Jay Kogen and Ali Schouten. Now, the 26-year-old Carly resides with her best friend Harper, while older brother Spencer has hit the jackpot by making it big in the world of art. Additionally, Freddie has been twice divorced and is back to living across the hall with his mother after his startup didn’t give the expected results.

In the iCarly reboot, the web series that made Carly and his friends famous will be revived with full vigor. According to Trainor and Kress, the show is returning after 10 years and is likely to include “sexual situations.”