Nobody can say for sure when the pandemic will be over. The second wave of the coronavirus is impending and the number of cases in the US is on the rise. ICE has put in place certain protocols to follow to protect the immigrant detainees from contracting the virus, however, despite their efforts it has been learned that the virus is spreading.

According to a recent report, the number of coronavirus patients is much higher in the detention centers as compared to the overall country. The infection rate shows that the efforts of ICE authorities so far have been futile, as the situation is still getting out of hands.

 Detainees Suffered From The VirusAccording to the data analyzed by the research teams, the coronavirus case rate is around 13 times more in 92 ICE detention centers than the overall US population. The statistical figures are quite alarming. According to some experts, if the current operating procedures of the detention centers would remain the same, the situation of the virus layout will be even worse.

The reports further explained that due to minimal testing and noncompliance with the health guidelines, the rate of coronavirus cases might increase.

According to an official statement made by ICE, the department is focused on virus prevention measures and is making sure to keep all the people under ICE shade safe from the virus. The detention centers will assure the health and safety of all the employees, detainees, and other staff members.

Detainees From The VirusThe official statement further mentioned that the visit meetings will be prohibited and social distancing will be observed strictly.

Considering the current situation of detention centers, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that the capacity of the detainees should not exceed 75% in each center. If this will be implemented by the detention centers, then there’s a possibility to contain the situation.

The cases are increasing and this worsening situation can be a threat to the entire nation. According to the reports, around 7,084 coronavirus cases were recorded among the detainees.

To avoid the virus layout, all the detainees in the centers will be tested and not only the new ones. The detention center contractors are planning and implementing workable strategies to control the virus situation so that it does not turn out into a bigger threat.