Idaho – A 30-years-old experienced pilot Brittney Infanger lost her life while her Cessna crashed into the nearby potato processing plant last week.

The pilot was flying packages of UPS from Salt Lake, Utah to Burley, Idaho when she met a fatal accident while trying to land at the airport.

 The distraught family now wants to have the airport shut down because of the poor and hazardous conditions for the pilot.

According to the reports, Brittney Infanger was an experienced pilot and she was killed immediately when her plane crashed into a potato plant having a big chimney just next to the burley airport, Idaho.

The single-engine 208B airplane crashed into a Gem state processing plant located in Heyburn, Idaho.

Brittney Infanger had more than 11 years of experience in flying and was a “well-respected pilot beyond her years” around Idaho and Utah.

Jim Bob Infanger, the grieving father who is also a pilot, stated that Brittney knew the area really well. He blamed the hazardous chimney of the potato processing plant for the fatal crash and called upon the authorities to close the airport.

‘There’s a 60-foot chimney sticking out of the food processing plant – no lights on it, dead center – straight across the runway. So whenever you come in, you have to fly over the top of this and drop down,’ Jim Bob stated.

The airport needs to be closed, period,‘ Jim Bob said after the accident. ‘I’m a pilot myself and…many pilots have told me how unsafe the Burley Airport is and how they’ve begged the county to relocate it.’

‘They’ve allowed this potato plant to continue to expand and this chimney comes on and has a huge amount of steam. If the wind is blowing…you fly right into this wall of steam.’

The Minidoka County Sheriff’s office and the Heyburn police have stated that Brittney was at a very low level while trying to land at the airport.

The federal aviation administration and the national transportation safety board have jointly started an investigation into the fatal crash.

Brittney was the fifth among the seven children of the Infanger family. She debuted as a pilot at the age of 19, as she was passionate about flying just like her father.

She had become a qualified teacher in Arizona and had shifted back to Idaho during the pandemic days where she was teaching flying.