While the congressional leaders have had continued arguments over the coronavirus relief package for months now, the American people have united to help anyone who has been suffering because of the pandemic.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been trying to push against the relief bill while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has prioritized politics over assisting the struggling American population.

Nonprofits and Mutual Aid Funds while the Government Continued to Delay AidOn the other hand, the American people have been donating millions of dollars to mutual aid funds, social justice nonprofits, bail funds, and food pantries. This is even though many people were already financially struggling because of the increase in unemployment due to the coronavirus and several protests that took place earlier this year.

The donations to community bail funds have broken records this year and mutual aid networks responsible for feeding people, helping people pay for medicine and rent have also received huge amounts of donations.

Traditional nonprofits employ experts in a specific field and the donations are used to fund their salaries, however, mutual aid funds are essentially a collection of donations for people in need. They can apply to receive money according to the situation and their needs.

Even though many believe that people should not be relying on mutual aid funds instead of the government, the leaders have their priorities elsewhere. Pelosi has claimed that the Democrats are working to provide food for people struggling through the pandemic, however according to reports most people have been accessing food through food banks and pantries.

 Americans Donated to Nonprofits and Mutual AidThe governor of California imposed a lockdown in the state to control the increase in coronavirus infections; however, he was caught dining out in a restaurant with 10 other people. The White House COVID Chief has also been recently criticized for encouraging people to stay at home for Thanksgiving and was then caught having dinner with extended family at a vacation home.

Despite many people donating to social causes, some of the money has ended up in the wrong hands. Shaun King has come under fire numerous times for raising funds for social causes but after inquired about the spending of the money, he did not have answers. The leadership of the Women’s March was also criticized earlier this year.

Several people have ended up donating to a false Black Lives Matter Foundation, and GoFundMes are not reliable as well, making it very difficult to differentiate people who genuinely need help.