It was revealed recently that President Donald Trump had a telephone conversation with the Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, seeking his assistance in overturning the election results. Many legal scholars have claimed that this is a clear violation of federal and state laws.

The Washington Post acquired a recording of the call where Trump tried to influence Raffensperger, pressurized him, threatened him with lawsuits, and also used flattery. He also told Raffensperger that it would be a huge risk for him if he does not comply with Trump’s wishes.

During the call, Raffensperger dismissed Trump’s claims while also telling him that his allegations were based on conspiracy theories and that Joe Biden’s election was quite fair.

President Trump, however, continued to declare that the people in Georgia were angry over the unfair elections. He also urged that they could recalculate the results. Raffensperger told him that his data was incorrect, in response.

President Trump just wants the secretary of state to find 11,780 votes, as he claims that he has won Georgia and not Biden.

This phone call indicates that the president will go to great lengths to overturn the election results and he has not accepted his loss. He kept repeating throughout the phone call that his party had won thousands of votes in Georgia.

The White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, and a Republican lawyer, CLETA Mitchell were also present during the conversation. Mitchell later stated that the claims made by Raffensperger’s office were inaccurate, and he demanded that they provide proof against the incorrect data, as claimed by the secretary of state.

President Trump tweeted that Raffensperger wasn’t ready to answer his questions, and claimed several voter fraud allegations including ballot destruction, dead voters, ballots under table scam, and out of state voters, will soon turn out to be true. Raffensperger replied to the tweet saying that Trump’s claim about him not responding to his questions, was not true.

Top Democrats are now calling for investigations into the conversation. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has accused Trump of abusing his position and power as President. President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign lawyer also thinks that the call was proof of Trump disrespecting the country’s democratic values.

Republicans have not provided any statements on the call.