Philadelphia – A male suspect, 48, brutally killed a woman, 31, after hitting her 5 times with a metal pipe while the victim was sitting at the reception area of an office building.

The cruel incident that took place in broad daylight in the afternoon inside the Old City Philadelphia has been witnessed by dozens of people who tried calling the police while the man was madly hitting her with a metal pipe.

As per the police reports, the woman belongs to New Jersey who got beaten up by a 48-year-old suspect with allegedly one-inch thick and two feet long metal pipes.

The police have yet to identify both the suspect and the victim.

The brutal attack occurred at around 2:14 in the afternoon on Wednesday in the building residing on 300 block Chestnut Street.

The victim, who was a “Team leader” at the office, was struck five times while sitting in the reception area with her back turned.

The woman was pronounced dead at Jefferson University Hospital.

“People screaming, people hiding under desks, [a] person with a weapon. It was definitely a very violent, tragic incident that probably lasted longer than your normal homicide when someone gets shot,” said Scott Small, Philadelphia police Chief Inspector to the reporters.

According to the recent reports received, “the motive in the attack could be a rent dispute”. The suspect who hit the woman was reportedly renting two or three office units on the 8th floor of the same building where the poor woman also worked, Police confirmed.

“We know that they know each other. We believe there may have been some arguments or problems in the past. However, we are still working on that information,” Chief Inspector Scott Small revealed to 6ABC.

During the incident, 911 received 20 calls to report the attack investigated the officers. None of the 10 witnesses questioned had intervened in the cold-blooded attack.

When the police reached the crime scene, they saw the suspect leaving the elevator covered in blood with two metal pipes probably used in the killing in his hands.

The police have arrested the suspect; however, the criminal charges are yet to be filed against the assailant.

“Philadelphia Police are now conducting a murder investigation in the 300 block of Chestnut St.

Initial reports noted police responded to calls of a 31-year-old woman who had been assaulted by a man armed with a pipe. She suffered severe head trauma”, Tweeted George Solis from 6ABC.