A bartender at Nashville had exhibited signs of the virus, but was still asked to show up for work. Later that week her test results came back and she had tested positive for the virus. Due to being present at work, she had transferred the virus to other employees. The authority at the bar had told their employees to get tested only when they have been asked to.

This raised a lot of concerns for the employees that worked at the bar. They believed that their protection was not ensured in any way. They asked for more measures to be taken to ensure that nobody gets sick.

The workers have also been earning way less than what they made the months before the pandemic. At the beginning of the lockdown, many people have to self-isolate to protect themselves. This affected businesses greatly to a point that many of the businesses have to go bankrupt.

 ‘It’s Going to be A Hard Winter’ for the food industry EmployeesThis lockdown affected the food industry even more. People stopped hanging out and public gatherings have been banned. Hence, this gave rise to fewer customers and the businesses lost earnings. As the second wave emerges, it has made it even harder for the working class to support themselves.

As the unemployment rate rises to dangerous levels, the employees working at bars and restaurants have to be generally careful regarding the SOPs being adopted. Most customers demand higher quality service and the staff to be following all the precautions.

This has become another hurdle for the employees as they now have to work with fewer wages and an increased amount of work. A research has been conducted recently trying to study where the virus spreads faster. The results showed that restaurants were a very dangerous point for people and contribute greatly in spreading the virus.

‘It’s Going to be A Hard Winter’ for the food industryAs winters emerge, the situation will seem even more hazardous. The restaurants with outside dining will have to move it in.

While interviewing an employee, Brenda, at a saloon, it has been learned that these dining spots are the most dangerous places to be right now. As the safety precautions are really hard to follow.

It is no surprise that the US has seen the worst rates regarding their unemployment. People have been heavily laid off as businesses continue to close. According to an estimate, about 5.9 million people have been laid off in the first six weeks of the pandemic. These figures are for the restaurant industry alone.