According to a recent news update, a criminal investigation revealed that a man died after being tasered during a disturbance call on Monday by an Indianapolis office, the police said.

The statement released by officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s North District highlighted that at around 3:20 a.m., the officers encountered an adult male along with his parents – revealed in an IMPD statement on Monday night.

The father further told the police that his son was “having a psychosis” and officers have also requested an ambulance, according to the IMPD statement.

At the moment, police have not released the name of the deceased man who died, but they have described him as 6’2” with an average weight of 280 pounds. They further added that he was moving around the home naked, all bleeding and sweating from the mouth.

There were multiple officers who were wearing body-worn cameras which were activated during the incident, according to the statement released. However, no footage has been received from the IMPD so far.

“After more than 10 minutes of officers negotiating and using de-escalation tactics, the man moved quickly towards an officer,” the police statement said.

The officer also deployed his Taser, hitting the man right in his chest with at least one of the two prongs, the statement said, “After the taser trigger is pulled, it is automatically activated for five seconds. The officer activated the taser twice,”.

The man, however, continued to resist and officers placed him in two linked handcuffs because of his size.

When medics entered the home after the detention of the man, they “asked the man to roll over and he did not respond,” the statement said. The medics then checked for the pulse rate and the man was also unhandcuffed as several officers and medics administered CPR, as per the statement received.

The man was then brought to a local hospital where was pronounced dead. The officers who were directly involved in the incident have been placed on administrative leave because of the investigation currently going on.

According to CNN, “A criminal investigation is being conducted by the IMPD Critical Incident Response Team and a separate administrative investigation is being carried out by IMPD Internal Affairs. IMPD said the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office is being consulted and a Use of Force Review Board will review the officers’ use of force once the criminal and administrative investigations are complete.”