Reliance Industries Limited is a major Indian conglomerate that encompasses several industrial brands in the nation, namely textile, petrochemicals, energy generation, natural resource extraction, retailing, and a telecommunications brand of the same name.

The conglomerate is owned by India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani. He launched Reliance Jio, the firm’s telecommunications arm in 2007.

He has a reputation for being a first when it comes to offering the latest data technologies such as 3G, 4G, LTE, and Fiber Internet.

Ever since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, you might be hearing a name more often… Zoom, a fairly new video conferencing app that beat already present Skype and Hangouts to the punch.

Being employed by millions of schools, colleges, and small to medium businesses, Zoom rose to popularity unlike any other app of the same niche before it.

Now Reliance Jio also wants a piece of the pie after concluding a 15.2 billion U.S Dollar fundraiser, very recently.

On July 2, 2020, Reliance Jio launched “JioMeet”, their video conferencing app.

India’s richest man takes on Zoom1It builds on the same features that made Zoom so popular, supporting up to 100 people in a single video conference in 720p HD resolution, an unlimited number of free calls, and no time limit on a call’s duration.

The company goes as far as to brag that a free call can go for as long as 24 hours without interruption.

This is where it improves upon what Zoom has been offering. JioMeet, primarily aimed at enterprise users and students, doesn’t offer any paid services at the moment.

Each call can be password-protected and logged into via phone, tablet, or laptop. The option of screen sharing is also there, adding to the app’s enterprise feature set.

Users will also be able to switch an ongoing call from one device to another, going as far as to add a “Safe Driving Mode” for when a caller is on the go.

A “Waiting Room” feature lets those who initiate a call ensure that others who join the call, ask for permission first.

Now, it is unclear whether the service would be available outside India. Calls are said to be “encrypted” but don’t have the more safe “end-to-end encryption” that WhatsApp currently offers.

The app will be available to android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. The app’s interface is a ditto copy of Zoom’s UI.

The launch of JioMeet directly corresponds to the country-wide ban of 59 Chinese apps for security reasons.