A large percentage of individuals (including introverts) are active on Instagram and other social platforms. Instagram is used by large corporations and company owners to advertise their brands to a broader audience, while individuals use it to stay in touch with family and friends and post fascinating content.

When you join a social network, your personal information is made public. Even if you don’t provide any personal information, a computer expert may still learn a lot about you by monitoring your IP (Internet Protocol) address using an Instagram IP Finder.

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are simply used to identify the specific computer or mobile device connected to a network. In this case, it’s used to find out someone’s identification and where they are at the present moment. When it comes to finding out who established an Instagram account, this method is ideal.

The IP address of an Instagram user is sought after by several websites and internet portals for the purposes of advertising and brand promotion. The IP address may also be used to monitor the location of someone’s Instagram account at the same time as others.

Information like an Instagram user’s email address, country name, and other social media accounts may all be retrieved using this method.

Here we have put out a comprehensive guide that has some Instagram IP Finder tips and tricks.

You may use the same methods to monitor someone’s Instagram profile IP address on Google Maps in real time.

Let’s get started now!

Why Should You Find an IP Address from Instagram?

To begin here’s why you’d want to track down an Instagram user’s IP address. There are five main explanations:

Reason 1: There is no other option than to seek out the perpetrator if a fake Instagram account is being used to harass or blackmail you by sending DMs to your Instagram account. The accused’s Internet Protocol (IP) address might be used as evidence against defamation or blackmail. Even if you don’t want to go to court, you may still file a lawsuit against the perpetrators of the scam.

Reason 2: IP monitoring is essential if you are seeking to uncover any suspicious login attempt on your account or fraudulent activity. If you suspect that your account has been compromised, the only method to stop rumors about your identity from spreading is to monitor the IP address.

Reason 3: Has Instagram helped you launch your own company or become an entrepreneur? Then, you must be promoting your products and keeping track of your clients in order to do so. As a result, the IP address is the only thing left to be discovered. It is simpler to promote things if you know where your buyers or clients are located. Sending direct messages to Instagram followers may also help you learn more about your customers’ interests and preferences.

Reason 4: Having IP addresses you won’t be firing bullets in the air. Your products can be customized via Direct Messages. It will be much simpler for you to sell your products and services to your customers.

Reason 5: Using IP monitoring, you can find out who is posting negative comments about your items and who is trying to spread misinformation about your brand. This is nothing more than a ploy by your rivals to stifle your growth. As a result, you may thwart their efforts to harm your online reputation by tracing the whereabouts of their account(s).

Important Note: Third-party applications or websites cannot trace IP addresses on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Please check the license if you’re using any of these programs and verify whether it’s legal. There is no need to use any of the tools listed here for anything other than entertainment reasons.

How to Find IP Address of an Instagram User?

The methods below can help you if you want to learn how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram

1. Instagram IP Finder by iStaunch

Open the iStaunch Instagram IP Finder app on your mobile. Your target’s IP address may be found by entering their username. Hit the submit button and you’ll see the username’s IP address.

The IP address is highlighted in bold characters on the right side of the search bar after a few minutes of waiting.

Please be aware that this might not be the current location. It is the date and time that you last copied the Instagram account’s URL or username. Try another approach if this one doesn’t seem appealing.

2. Instagram Location Tracker

You may discover someone’s IP address on Instagram by entering their username into the Instagram Location Tracker. To see the current position in real-time, click on the track button.

You may do so by following these instructions:

  • Open the Instagram Location Tracker.
  • Enter the username of the person whose IP you want to search.
  • Enter the Captcha code for verification purposes.
  • Now, tap on the button that says “Submit”.
  • You will now see the IP Address of that particular Instagram user.

3. Grabify IP Logger

To keep tabs on people’s whereabouts, several social media sites use IP address Finder. Have you heard about IP Logger and Grabify? To track an Instagram user’s IP address, these sites are from the same company.

As a first step, you need to get the user whose IP address you are tracking to click on any meme you send. As soon as the user clicks on your post, the IP Grabber begins its operation. You need to acquire their confidence in order to achieve this.

Although this may be tedious at first, it’s worth it in the long run to achieve exactly what you want. Now that you’ve figured out what you need to accomplish, it’s time to get down to business. You’ll be able to see the current IP address after running IP Grabber.

You may do so by following these instructions:

  • Open the Instagram application on your mobile phone.
  • Now you need to copy the IG profile link of the particular person, whose Internet Protocol address you want to track.
  • Go to the website of Grabify IP Logger.
  • Paste that link and then click on the Create URL option.
  • Now you will be given a new IP address tracking link.
  • You have to initiate a chat with the targeted person, chat for some time and meanwhile send them the IP tracking link.
  • Ask the person to open the link shared by you for some exciting content. As they click on it, the IP logger will track their IP address.
  • Refresh the page, and that is all you have to do. The IP address will be displayed to you.

Note: The Hide Bots option must be enabled to show only real IP addresses and hide bots.

The bot toggle button should be disabled on the application page to avoid confusion. In addition to the IP address, you can also see other information such as area, location, pin code, and the device from which the individual is using Instagram.

Go to Grabify’s homepage if you want to learn more about this individual. Paste this URL into the box and pick the Tracking Code option instead of creating a URL. As a surprise, the result box now provides access to further information on the individual you were looking for.

Please bear in mind that this process will not work for Instagram users who have residential proxies.

All your efforts will be for nothing if the user doesn’t click on the URL, which is the catch. We do have one more trick under our sleeve if you’re seeking something different.

4. Command Prompt

Make sure you’re still conversing with the person whose IP address you wish to trace before using this approach. Make sure he or she is paying attention to what you have to say. Close any other chat windows you may have open so that your focus is only on the discussion you’re having with the targeted person.

In addition, there are other programs that operate in the background without your knowledge. Close them too. You can use Task Manager for this purpose.

Returning to your interaction with the individual, instead of opting for a chat, you might attempt to start a video or phone call with them. The reason for this is because it helps to build trust.

Let us proceed with the Steps

Start an Instagram Direct Message conversation with your target person and do it when they are online. As long as you have the message window open, you may run Command Prompt at the same time. To run the command, enter ‘netstat –an’ and press Enter. You will be given a list of IP addresses. Using the IP addresses provided, you may search for the Instagram user’s IP address.

However, your task is not yet complete; you must locate the individual and get their personal information from their IP address. Head on to the Instagram IP Finder program, which is completely free.

As you open the Instagram IP Finder tool, you will see a dialogue box prompting you to enter the IP address. Once you have entered it, press the Enter button. Now, in the result section, the information about the account holder will be visible to you.

Besides that, you may learn about the person’s geographic location, nation, and even subcontinent, and the kind of internet connection they’re using.

Final Words

We hope that you now know how to find someone’s IP address on Instagram after reading our guide. Let us know if you have any queries or comments by using the comment section below.