Several Republicans are opposing Trump’s voter fraud allegations, and one of the prominent ones is the top election official from Georgia, Brad Raffensperger.

This came as a shock to many because he previously initiated an election taskforce and propagated voter fraud allegations without any evidence. He was called out for not mailing absentee ballot applications to voters for the general election despite doing so in the primary.

In addition to this, he was criticized by civil rights groups because, in the primary election, people had to wait for hours to vote. He was asked to step down from his position.

However, after the election results came out showing Biden leading in Georgia by 13,000 votes, he has actively opposed Trump’s voter fraud claims.

Even though Trump endorsed him in 2018, but now he is targeting his anger towards Brad. Georgia’s Republican senators have also asked Trump to step down.

Raffensperger believes that although Georgia is considered a Republican majority state, Trump lost votes in the state because of his actions and behavior. He states that he was supporting Trump as a Republican but he also a duty to do his job as the secretary of state.

He explains that many voters did not vote by mail in November despite 24,000 voters doing so in the primary. He believes this is because Trump encouraged his voters to vote in person instead of by mail.

 Georgia Secretary of State Against Trump’s Voter Fraud ClaimsHe adds that Trump would have gained 10,000 more votes if he had asked his supporters to mail in their ballots. He gave the example of the Democrats who actively campaigned to motivate voters to mail-in ballots.

He proceeds to explain that he is trying to fight Trump’s false claims in the state using facts. When a complaint was filed about faulty voting machines, an audit was conducted in six random counties of the state but nothing out of ordinary was found.

Raffensperger and his wife have been victims of death threats due to this and many other elected officials have also reported similar experiences. He explained that he does not intend to resign and he will run for reelection.

He took a shot at Trump by saying that if he loses the election, he will accept the results and will not protest about the process.