In the world of programming chips, Omnitek is a name known by many. Last Tuesday saw one of the biggest acquisitions made by Intel over the years. They bought Omnitek, although the financial aspects of the acquisition were not disclosed.

One would think this is very fishy for a company. However, businesses often hide this information for several months post-acquisition to avoid any competitors taking advantage of the situation. Omnitek works on the basis of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). This is an integrated circuit that the tech industries use. It can be further customized after manufacturing.

The acquisition of Omnitek meant that Intel can now merge the technology with its own as well as the 40 employees of Omnitek that used to work there. Fortunately, no past employees have been fired in the process.

Omnitek’s technology is especially useful in programs that require high visuals such as video conferencing and medical vision systems. Omnitek has also developed ways to work with AI interfacing to be able to merge the technology with the already existing equipment in the market.

The Senior Vice President for Intel commented on how the acquisition would greatly benefit their own FPGA tech because Omnitek had developed refined ways of producing results. They would also be able to take control of the company’s 220 FPGA IP cores. With the tech of Omnitek, Intel looks to benefit from the $8 billion markets that surround programmable solutions. It has taken a great step towards that path and is closer to tapping the market for a good share.

All sorts of visual engines and 8k video devices require FPGA technology to be sophisticated enough to handle the load. From AI to data centers, Intel is slowly setting their path towards the center of this technology revolution that is going to surface in the next few years, possibly sooner with Omnitek on board. The CEO of Omnitek, Roger Fawcett commented on how the company is excited to now be on the side of the winners in the market.

He further commented that their intellectual technology, now merged with the vast resources Intel has, will lead towards several innovative ideas being executed in time to come. After all, AI is the future of technology and more and more companies now understand the importance of that.