It’s the day of the year again and now we’re observing the International Men’s Health Week in 2020. There are many health issues about men and the number continues to rise every day. 

The reason behind this might be the lack of attention paid to it. Even the male gender does not pay much attention to these diseases.

The reason can be traced back to either the cultural or physiological upbringing of men. Since they are the breadwinners of the family, a great deal of attention should also be paid to keeping them healthy and protected.

Starting with prostate cancer, men are generally more susceptible to prostate cancer due to a biological phenomenon. 

It is characterized by a variety of different symptoms related to the urinary tract of the body, like blood and interrupted the flow of urine.

Cirrhosis is the second prevalent disease. It’s caused by a certain set of habits, such as drinking frequently. It hinders the active functioning of the liver in the body and, as a result, toxins cannot be removed from the body. 

It also disrupts the breakdown of proteins and the absorption of fats during the metabolic activities of the body.

As we know heart diseases are mostly caused by obesity in men. Men are mostly obese as compared to women.

Heavy drinking can lead to several other health problems, such as blood pressure, weak heart muscles, and obesity. All of these factors can cause angina pain and even lead to a stroke.

Obstructive pulmonary problems are also widespread in men. It is a lung condition and can obstruct them in a way that the air cannot pass through properly. 

Smoking is a popular reason for its occurrence. Common symptoms of the disease include problems in breathing, severe cough, and weight loss that cannot be monitored.