An eventful Saturday night in Georgia turned into a bloodbath when a patron opened fire at the crowd in a Georgia club. The suspect, who was reportedly drunk, later crashed his vehicle into the building, authorities said.

The shocking incident occurred at the 278 South Club in Hiram, Georgia at around 11:30 pm the night. Eduardo Morales, the prime suspect, had allegedly been asked by the club staff to leave because he had too much to drink, the Hiram Police Department affirmed in a statement.

Morales, 34, had initially complied with the instructions of the staff at the Georgia Club and left the vicinity in his Dodge Ram 2500. However, he later reappeared with a gun and went on a shooting spree, said the police. When the contents of Morales’ gun were empty, he took off and drove his car through the bar, injuring several patrons in the process.

After his car got stuck, many patrols made an effort to stop Morales as he tried to reload his weapon again. An individual inside the bar was hit by a bullet and another patron was injured after being hit by the vehicle twice, reported the police. The victims however were treated effectively at the local hospital.

According to WSB, an affiliate of ABC said that a security guard was among those injured, while another two women had been severely injured due to the crash. A man who tried to stop Morales from shooting had broken his legs and other patrons also received several injuries.

After the shooting fiasco was over, Morales was given proper treatment for his injuries and subsequently arrested by the police. The police said Morales has been charged with assault and battery, and a list of several other charges is pending.

The affected Georgia club took to Facebook to post a statement, sending their love and prayers to the victims of the incident. “Devastated” upon what had taken place last night, the club reiterated that it has always put its customer’s safety first, despite all circumstances.