Rep. Matt Gaetz denied allegations of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old this past Tuesday. 


According to sources, the Justice Department has been investigating a possible sexual relationship between Gaetz and a 17-year-old girl. He also alleged to have paid her to accompany him on a trip almost two years ago. If this is proven, it can land Gaetz in hot waters, as this means, he will have violated sex trafficking laws in addition to his other alleged crimes.


It is reported that the federal investigators have opened a case regarding former President Donald Trump’s administration; under former Attorney General William Barr; he briefed the whole episode to senior DOJ officers regarding the subject. 

Gaetz retaliated immediately via a three-tweet thread; as soon as the report was made public.

Gaetz termed the whole story a “horrible allegation” and a “lie”

Gaetz claimed that he was the victim in this whole scenario. According to his tweet, he and his family are victims of criminal extortion which has been ongoing for the past several weeks, led by a former Department of Justice official who is threatening him.

He further claimed that he and his family have been cooperating with the authorities on this particular matter. The news which was leaked to the media is part of a plan to corrode the investigation.


Gaetz demanded the Department of Justice release the tapes immediately which will prove his innocence. Gaetz has forcefully denied all accusations against him.

Rep. Matt Gaetz continues to claim that none of the allegations are true and that the 17-year-old girl in question does not even exist.

No charges have been filed against 38-year-old Gaetz. He has claimed that he will make his travel history public if it is required to prove his innocence.

Gaetz named the former Department of Justice employee who has been after him, smearing his reputation. He is David McGee who works as a lawyer at Beggs & Lane.


A spokeswoman of the U.S. Attorney’s Office from the northern district of Florida claimed that the office is not allowed to make any comment as of now. It cannot confirm or deny the existence of any ongoing investigation.