Iowa – One teenager lost his life while two others were critically injured after a deadly shooting episode occurred outside a high school.

According to the authorities, it appears that the gunfire was heard from a passing vehicle that struck the teenagers outside the Iowa school.

The Des Moines police released an official statement on Monday stating that the potential shooting suspects have been detained on account of a shooting at the East High School near the area of Des Moines’ downtown. No charges have been filed against the detainees as of now.

“Unfortunately what happened here today is just another pointless tragedy in our community, people using firearms to settle their differences. Witnesses are being interviewed, evidence examined, investigative leads followed, and multiple search warrants are being executed,” Des Moines Police Chief Dana Wingert said Monday.

Police also confirmed that a 15-year-old teenage boy lost his life in this shooting episode. The other two aged 16 and 18 were transferred to the hospital immediately. They both are said to be in critical condition.

The deceased boy was not a student of east high school but both the injured female students go to the said high school.

Immediately after the incident, the Iowa school went into lockdown and all the staff and students were kept inside the school premises for further investigation by the police. The students and staff were allowed to leave the school by 3:30 pm after the law enforcement agencies gave an all-clear signal.

Principal of East High school Jill Versteeg stated that the incident that happened is “everyone’s worst nightmare.” He requested the parents to “hug your students and love them.”

The school announced the cancellation of classes on Tuesday and postponed the ACT and parent-teacher conferences.

Superintendent Thomas Ahart stated that “school shootings are becoming too common” and “real change to gun laws and access would go a long way to help us.”

“Our staff and students,” he said, “are forced to train for these incidents and the trauma associated with the repeated drills and incidents will remain with them for years to come. It’s unfortunate that our state and our country have become a place where firearms are far too easily accessible.”

The motive of the shooting incident is still unknown and police declared that there is no threat to the public anymore and everybody can continue their normal life routine.

Des Moines police stated that this is the fourth homicide case that took place in Des Moines, Iowa since the beginning of 2022.