Apple is officially hosting an event on 14 September, which is tomorrow, to announce their new release – iPhone 13 at 10:00 am. The tech giant is expected to announce the release of the Apple Watch Series 7 along with their new iPhone 13 and other related products during the release event. 

The virtual event will feature the new specs they have added to their latest iPhone 13; the audience might see a new design, camera, and other important features in this latest version of the iPhone. 

Apart from better camera quality, the company claims to provide the feature of texting and calling even without cell coverage in emergency situations. However, they will stay stuck to the 5g technology for regular connectivity. 

iPhone 13 is releasing after a year when Apple released it’s one of the successful versions of iPhones, the iPhone 12. After 2017, iPhone X initially sold at around $1000 initiated major advancements, for instance, face recognition and high-quality screen. A survey conducted from Declutter, prior to the release of iPhone 12 said, a “Staggering” 53 percent of the survey respondents planned to buy the upcoming iPhone. 

After the release of the iPhone 12 , the company saw a boost in sales just in three months. While in January, the company claimed to reach 17 percent more sales than it faced in the previous year. This made the company hit the top profit record ever. 

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, after declaring the financial position of the company, on a call with company’s investors said, “It is not far from any of our minds that this result caps off the most challenging year any of us can remember,” he further added, “It is an understatement to say that the challenges it posed to Apple as a business paled in comparison to the challenges it posed to Apple as a community of individuals, to employees, to their families, and to the communities we live in and love to call home.”

“These results show the central role that our products played in helping our users respond to these challenges,” Tim Cook concluded.

Since Apple lovers are waiting, sitting at the edge of their seats to watch the event, here is a guide to help you find when and where to watch the event live. 

On Apple’s event website, you can conveniently watch the program from any of your Apple devices on a web browser. It works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other popular browsers. 

YouTube is another platform from where you can conveniently watch the live streaming of the event. You can set a reminder for the event as Apple posted a placeholder for the iPhone 13 event.

 If you have Apple TV, you can watch the event on that as Apple has a dedicated app for its events streaming.