One of the notable developments of this era is the iPhone. It is one of the most selling brands worldwide. Apple has been giving all its customers some extravagant mobiles, which offer some unique features.

However, if you wonder, why my iPhone battery drains fast? It has been learned that Apple may have compromised on its battery. iPhone’s battery, it appears and has been reported, drains fast when it gets old. After doing some research it has been identified that the iPhone 6s battery got this problem mainly. Even if you reduce your usage, the battery will keep on draining at the same pace.

After establishing that the battery does drain after a certain period of time, here are ways to fix it.

Why does the battery drain fast?

 1. Low Battery Health

Once you update your iPhone to IOS 13 and above, a new feature called “battery health” appears in the settings. This feature determines how much the battery has degraded over time. The lower the battery health, the more the battery drains. A user’s iPhone battery drains fast if the battery health is at 70%. It means that the battery will drain fast because of its degraded health.

2. Location Service and Wi-Fi

There are times when you are not even using the location service, but it is still on, and many apps use it. Due to this, the battery is used by the location service. The same is the case with Wi-Fi; when you are not using it, in the background, some apps will be using it, causing the battery to drain.

3. Background Activity

 It is something that only fewer people know about; background activity plays an important part in your battery drainage. This feature is enabled in all the applications; most applications are refreshed from time to time, causing the battery to drain.

How to Get Rid of This Issue?

Technicians and avid users of the iPhone have developed some ways through which this issue of draining battery can be resolved.

1. Switch Off Notifications From Unwanted Apps.

Do unwanted and unnecessary notifications sometimes irritate you? These notifications are from the apps that are not used by the users most of the time. These app’s notifications contribute to the background activity and cause the battery to drain faster. Go to the settings and turn off all the notifications from these apps to save your battery health.

2. Close all the apps.

People think that once they go back to the home screen, the apps they were using close automatically. Well, that isn’t correct. The apps do not close. These apps keep on running at the back end and consume the battery. The most straightforward trick is to double press your home button and swipe up all the app’s windows until the screen is empty.

3. Don’t Send iPhone Analytics.

Sending analytics is something that most of the users don’t know. The iPhone battery drains fast if it’s setting always stays on 24/7. This feature uses your internet to send information to Apple about how its owner is managing the device. You don’t want this to be done; hence, go to the settings and switch it off.

4. Turn Off Wi-Fi and Change Location Service.

As previously discussed, that Wi-Fi and location services cause battery drainage. Hence, to lower the battery drainage rate by these two things, switch off Wi-Fi when it’s not in use. Secondly, restrict every app to use location service while using the app. It will have a good effect on battery drainage.

These ways help an iPhone user to maintain battery health and stop drainage. The company has accepted this issue, but no action is taken. It looks like they are waiting for new inventions in batteries. Whereas fans wait eagerly waiting.