Dasha Kelly has won the hearts of millions with her impeccable writing and appreciation for the arts. She is the sole author of a chapbook, Hither, along with four other masterpiece novels: All Fall Down, Call it Forth, Hershey Eats Peanuts, and Almost Crimson.

In recent times, however, Ms. Kelly has been under the wing of criticism from the masses. And, if sources are to hold truth, the renowned writer is also a con artist in the making. But what did the famous personality do to trigger such a notion?

Here is your answer: Since Ms. Kelly and her family were on the verge of being evicted, a GoFundMe campaign was set up in place. Like always, her campaign was successful in raising a whopping $230,000. Everything looked great and the chances for her family being saved looked phenomenal.

But several people have pointed out that writer Dasha Kelly is not who she appears to be. According to the page “Justice for Shadia Hilo,” Ms. Kelly is blatantly lying about her financial constraints. The story that has touched the heartstrings of many is false.

Although these accusations have not been confirmed, numerous members of the Facebook page have gone on to say that Dasha Kelly has used someone else’s children to raise the money. Ever since she came out with her struggles, the story of her financial constraint has gone viral.  The GoFundMe page received a huge amount of donations as people sympathized with the precarious situation.

Unfortunately, Ms. Kelly’s story didn’t go according to plan. Soon after the GoFundMe Campaign exploded with donations, people accused the celebrity of creating a false story to receive money.

On the “Justice for Shadia Hilo” page, Jason J, one Jointer wrote how Kelly has lied to the public about her age and kids. According to Jointer, Kelly is much younger and has no kids at all. Other posts also mirror Jointer’s views and point towards Kelly’s inauthenticity.

These accusations have spread across different social mediums. What started as a mere Facebook call-out has now progressed into a much bigger problem. Several posts have declared Shadia Hilo to be the real mother of the kids being advertised by Ms. Kelly.

In light of these accusations, many people have called out Dasha Kelly for using children to gain donations.  Netizens want GoFundMe to take down the campaign and also give Kelly the punishment she rightfully deserves in face of the law.

A fellow netizen, Jason Jointer has even visited the police and informed them of this ongoing scam. So far, the accused has not responded to any of the allegations made against her name. One of the members on the Facebook page has affirmed that Fox 5 News has been informed of the loopholes in Kelly’s story.

If Ms. Kelly is using a fake story to gain money, it is nothing less than a shame. Many people have expressed their sentiments on the matter, citing the increasing costs of living that are born by people who work hard to earn.

So, what will be the fate of Ms. Kelly? Is she a true scammer or is it all just a rumor? Only time will tell!