Have you ever thought about living your life in a self-storage facility? If so, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed for doing so. Most of us have experienced bizarre thoughts like these at some point in our life. But while some may laugh the idea off, others have turned it into a proper reality.

There have been several instances where people have turned the impossible into possible and made a storage facility their living abode. However, the real question is: Is it legal to live in a storage unit?

Although each person has offered a different school of thought, the popular belief remains constant; staying in a storage facility is illegal.

But why?

If you can save on costs and live a carefree life in a storage unit, it should be legal. Unfortunately, that is not how things work. You have to abide by state laws and policies and as far as storage units are concerned, they have been ruled out by the state itself.

One of the most obvious reasons for a storage unit home being marked illegal is the building itself. These facilities don’t match your traditional definition of a house and are far from offering a place of love and warmth. They aren’t constructed according to the predefined home laws and thus, living in a storage place of any kind can land you in some serious trouble.

If you do choose to live inside a storage unit, you will be violating a couple of laws. From city zoning to safety and sanitation, several legal matters might stretch beyond measure. Aside from abusing the law, you may also breach your contract with the storage unit company. Plus, if they find you lounging around the property at night, heavy trespassing charges may also be imposed.

Still, considering the idea? Here are a few real-life examples to deter you from making the wrong choice.

Real-time Scenarios

As established above, living in a storage unit is completely unsafe. These may just seem like abstract statements, but a case of staying in such a facility has proven to be injurious to health. That’s right, in 2019, a man was found dead inside the unit when the whole facility caught on fire. In a similar instance, authorities had to let people out of the storage facility in an emergency due to extreme health concerns.

Even if we keep the legalities aside, staying in a storage unit can do more harm than good. Highlighted below are some of the key reasons why living in such a facility is so unsafe.

No windows

Sounds like a generic concern but in reality, having no windows means you are cut out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Moreover, without natural light peeping through the windows, the environment inside may start to become depressive. This lack of light can adversely affect your mood and overall health, leading to a fatigued body and soul.

No running water

Apart from considering if it is legal to live in a storage unit, it is also important to consider the serious problems associated with living in a small portion. One such issue is that of proper water. In a small facility, there is no set outlet of water and thus, your bathing and bathroom activities will suffer extensively.

No locks inside

One of the biggest problems of a storage unit is the absence of locks from the inside. A typical storage unit has garage-type doors that are rolled up and locked from the outside. Hence, people living inside the facility will feel unsafe and always feel a security threat.

So, if living in a storage unit comes with a major set of problems, then why do people do so? Of course, we will never be able to find the right answer to this question. However, if we were to take a calculated guess, it would be the ever-increasing costs of rent. For this purpose, we have compiled a potential explanation of the issue at hand, which may or may not hold.

Unraveling the Mystery: Why do people choose to Live in Storage Units?

In the 21st century, paying rent is no less than a full-time job. Imagine working day in and day out to earn a good income and then throwing half of it on your apartment’s rent. The entire situation sounds terrible, to say the least, which is why people choose to opt for storage units.

Given the current circumstances, the cost of rent isn’t going to stop climbing up the ladder. What’s more unfortunate is that this exorbitant price isn’t because of the facilities or the apartment size. In reality, it is only because of the prevalent conditions of the market.

Thus, for people who live on rent- the situation isn’t going to get better any time soon. According to Livable Reports, the rent is at an all-time high in 89 out of 100 U.S markets. With these erratic increases, a storage facility starts to seem like a viable option to those who are living on a budget. You don’t have to pay a handsome amount of rent each month. Instead, all you are required to do is pay a small fee each month.

However, even if it does sound appealing, you shouldn’t go for it. You might be able to save on costs in the short run, but the long-term consequences hold more weight. Aside from being legally convicted, a storage facility may even have drastic side effects on your overall health and well-being. Thus, we hope this article helps you in clarifying your concerns and qualms about storage facilities.