Ivanka Trump’s image four years ago was of a person who could’ve influenced her father’s decisions and played a vital role in the operations of the White House. However, after assuming power, Donald Trump took the front seat and that perceived image of Ivanka has changed completely. 

Ivanka not only appeared as the president’s daughter but also advised him on several matters. At that time, she appealed to everyone as she had a moderate way to handle things, unlike her father.

She supported her father throughout but also maintained her silence on most of his controversial speeches. She built her brand on being moderate. 

While Ivanka encouraged people to support her father, she also talked about his misunderstood communication skills. She urged people to understand and appreciate President Trump’s policies, instead of making a decision based on his words.

In 2016, Ms. Trump was a vital part of the presidential campaign. She was elegant, stylish, and has appealed to the younger generation mostly. As a determined woman, she also appealed to other women. 

At the same time, she remained quiet on President Trump’s remarks on Muslims, building the wall, and other heated subjects. Now, her approach is different. In the re-election campaign, Ivanka is determined to take on a more political role. 

Lorna Romero, a GOP strategist in Arizona told that opinions about Ivanka have turned from positive to uncertain in a matter of four years. People do not perceive her as President Trump’s daughter anymore. They also look at her as his senior advisor. 

Ivanka had a soft image at the start of President Trump’s White House tenure. She talked about the Paris climate accord, women’s rights, and taxes. 

All of that changed after the midterm elections of 2018. Ivanka seemed to realize that her softer image wasn’t helping with the votes.

She started to embrace her father’s policies. She joined President Trump on his high profile visits. She was the driving force behind an increase in child tax credit.

Though Ivanka’s tweets and participation in political conferences and fundraisers, it is evident that she is determined to make a political mark. In her most recent speech, Ivanka portrayed herself as a Proud Trump Republican.