Taylor Swift has been making people groove to her music for a decade now. With the perfect concoction of words and melodies, her songs are like music to the ears. (Quite literally!) Imagine if your name was to pop up in one of her songs; wouldn’t you feel thrilled? Unfortunately, we aren’t the lucky ones, but we know someone who is.

The daughters of the popular couple; Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are lucky and they don’t even know it yet. When Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn were writing “Betty” last year, they decided to include the names of their close’ friends’ daughters.

More than a year after the song hit the charts, actor Ryan Reynolds voiced out his feelings on his kids being included in a hit song. He spoke on Sirius XM’s The Jess Cagle Show about how Blake and him “trust her implicitly.”

Apart from the inclusion of names, the song had nothing to do with the lives of my kids, affirmed a positive Reynolds. In the words of Reynolds himself, Taylor’s lyrics don’t revolve around his daughters named James, Inez, and Betty.

Taylor Swift’s character James essays the role of a high school boy who leaves Betty heartbroken when he cheats on her. And Enez is just the quintessential gossip girl of town, every ready to ignite fire amongst others.

According to Reynolds, it was no less than an honor to have his kids’ names featured in a song by his friend. The Deadpool actor also said that he loved telling his daughters about the news of Taylor Swift’s song feature.

In his narrative, Reynolds said that Blake and him decided to tell the kids as a surprise, right after the song dropped. Well, it looks like the couple’s kids are already on the path to becoming superstars!