The Kardashian family has always found a way to be in the news.  This time around, the younger of the six, model Kendall Jenner has left media houses in a state of utter shock.  No, it is certainly not a case of marriage or pregnancy.

Kendall Jenner, who was the highest-paid model in 2018 has allegedly breached the terms of a modeling contract with fashion house Liu Jo. The Italian company has taken the model to court on account of her inability to show up at two planned photoshoots.

Jenner was to be paid a massive total of $1.5 million, in addition to a 20 percent service fee. According to data provided by Forbes, the 25-year-old model cashes out on $22.5 million annually. However, she is yet to respond to these blaring allegations.

In the lawsuit filed by Liu Jo, the company has accused Kendal Jenner of missing out on a series of shoots. The first shoot was scheduled for July 2019 and Jenner was a part of it. By February 2020, the company had already paid her $1.35 million.

The second shoot was supposed to happen in March 2020, but the pandemic-imposed travel restrictions and it was delayed until further notice. The lawsuit mentions that both parties had unconditionally agreed to the postponement of the shoot until later that year, but no date had been given as such.

Despite agreeing to the terms of the contract, Jenner “ceased responding to Liu Jo” until the company told her it was a breach of contract. Ultimately, the contract was terminated as mentioned in the documents.

Apart from breaching contracts, the star model has also refused to provide refunds that she owed the company.  While Jenner remained quiet on the matter, a spokesperson from The Society Management declared the lawsuit invalid and devoid of merit.

According to them, Liu Jo was offered prospective dates and locations to complete the shoot, but the real delay came due to the pandemic. The statement also spoke on behalf of model Jenner who had apparently “offered to complete services” in honor of her commitments.

Liu Jo’s lawsuit also added that Jenner had proposed a shoot for October. However, the company found out that the model would be in Italy in September 2020 to shoot for a different designer. After Jenner failed to maintain a line of communication, Liu Jo called her out for breaching the contract.

The complaint also mentioned Jenners’ blunt refusal of a contract breach. And after all that had happened, she claimed that a trip to Italy wouldn’t be possible. Thus, due to Jenner’s failure to “negotiate in good faith,” the company was forced to find replacement models.

And if the words of Liu Jo are to hold any truth, then Ms. Jenner is expected to pay $1.8 million to the company for damages. But, will she pay such a grand amount? Our guess is as good as yours!

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