The lives of people have drastically changed by the coronavirus. Some people, who were directly in touch with the pandemic, shared their experience of how COVID-19 affected and changed their life.

Deirdre McFarlane, an Intensive care nurse

Deirdre shared her experience of the pandemic stricken environment. She is a 57 years old matron working at the intensive care unit at the QEQM (Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Hospital).

She flew back from Bangkok after visiting their son on 21 February. She has been hearing the snippets about the virus so she wore a mask and her husband refused.

After two days he developed the symptoms and she dreaded that maybe it was the virus.

But he came clean, however in their intensive care unit which was built to hold 7 severely ill patients were suddenly swarming with infected patients.

The staff was short so the hospital has to call all the retired nurses to put them on stations. Due to the extreme safety measures, the staff started getting sick too and it was a horrific situation.

She said we had to witness our colleagues dying which was a terrible ordeal. McFarlane said the most difficult situation to deal with was the families of the people of died due to coronavirus.

The hospital couldn’t give them the bodies and it was heartbreaking. She said not being able to say goodbyes or touch the loved one for the last time is going to affect the lives of relatives forever.

She says it’s not over and it will come back again.

Hatim Kapacee, Principal of Primary School

Hatim Kapacee

The headmaster had is a fair share of the pandemic. He told that when the death toll reached 100 the staff and parents both became worried and anxious for the kids and were demanding to close the school.

Hatim said he was used to dealing with pressure but this was way more, so when the government decided to shut down the school his staff prepared the homework for the kids to keep studying at home.

He wanted to do something for the people around him after the news of people losing jobs.

People had no money or resources left that lead him into starting a welfare unit at the school where they prepared food parcels for people who lost their jobs. He said that he was heartbroken by the attitude of kids. They are innocent they don’t know social distancing so how does one make them understand that it is mandatory?

He mentioned happily that finally, students are coming back the school. There are only 47 till now but watching the pupils coming back was the most amazing feeling just like a ray of hope. His hard work and sleepless nights paid off.

People have been forced to live down on the streets and sleep on benches once they lost their jobs and homes. Millions of infected people and have their own stories of how their life was affected by COVID-19.

The only sane thing we can do presently is to live through it until the world is pandemic free.