A father is generally considered to be a daughter’s first hero. Joan Benny talked about how much her father meant to her. She said her father was the kindest person she had ever known. She still remembered him with utter fondness. 

Jack Benny passed away from cancer in 1974. He was a comedian who made America laugh for almost four decades. He adopted Joan in the year 1934.

Fondly remembering her father, Joan recalled going out with her dad to baseball games, traveling with him all around America, and attending concerts too. If he was a great father, he was an even better grandfather. 

Joan’s children developed a great bond with the famous comedian. He loved them more than anything in the world.

Although he was extremely famous and loved his life, he never let fame get to his head. Joan explained that people could relate to her father. He always came across as a kind man and a decent human being. Everyone adored him. 

She talked about her father as a man with no temper. He hardly ever got angry and was always happy to meet his fans. She insisted that her father never got bored of playing the same character over and over again. All he wanted to do was make his fans happy. 

American Comedian George Burns was Jack Benny’s best friend. Joan described their friendship as a real and genuine connection. They were always together and adored each other. 

In 1917, Benny left it all to join the navy in World War 1. He played his violin there to entertain other soldiers. When he came back, he signed a five-year radio deal. His radio show became so popular that it transitioned to television later on. 

According to his joint biography with Joan, Jack described the adoption process as beautiful. He talked about the first time he laid his eyes on his little girl and felt confused. He talked about how much he fell in love with the same girl within two days. He further said that Joan completed his life.