Jacqueline Avant has been tragically shot dead in a home invasion and robbery on Wednesday, in her Beverly Hills house. She was the wife of legendary music executive Clarence Avant, also known as ‘The Black Godfather’. 

The shooting took place at 1100 block of Mayor Place, which the officers responded to around 2:30 a.m. when they found Jacqueline Avant with a gunshot wound. Beverly Hills Police Chief Mark Stainbrook, who took Avant to Cedars-Sinai Hospital where she died, told the press he does not think it’s “a random attack.”

“The motives in this case are still unknown, and we’re investigating all possible motives. We will not speculate on anything that’s out there, including if this was a robbery attempt or not.” said Stainbrook.

Celebrities and friends who knew Jacqueline Avant due to her philanthropic work or otherwise have been pouring out their love and heartbreak over the tragic news.

Former President Bill Clinton wrote a tweet expressing remorse, “Jackie Avant was a wonderful woman, a great partner to Clarence and mother to Alex and Nicole, an active citizen & a dear friend to Hillary and me for 30 years. She inspired admiration, respect & affection in everyone who knew her. We are heartbroken. She will be deeply missed.”

NBA star Earvin Magic Johnson also took to Twitter to write, “Jackie was the sweetest person you could ever meet. She had a beautiful soul, kind heart, & always had a kind word for everybody. She was quiet, yet powerful, & very smart. We are crying for Clarence, Nicole, & Alex’s loss. Our thoughts & prayers go out to the entire family.”

While no one else was injured in the shooting, nearby security footage will be part of the investigation to find out more about the incident. Including the CCTV surveillance footage from the home of Jacqueline Avant, if any found.

John Rich shared his condolences with Clarence Avant, the husband Jacqueline Avant saying, “I have friends from all walks of life, and Mr Clarence Avant is one of them. He’s one of the most influential people to ever be in music and he and Ms Jacqueline have treated me like family for decades. Prayers up for the the Avant family tonight.”

Jacqueline Avant was a former model and President of “Neighbors of Watts”, a non-profit organization connected to South Central Community Child Care Center. Her husband, Clarence Avant, is part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; he famously launched the careers of Bill Withers, Michael Jackson, and Babyface.

Filmmaker Tyler Perry also shared a Twitter post about the devastating incident saying, “My heart breaks for Clarence and Nicole and all the Avant family. This world can be so cruel and cold!! I have no idea what kind of sub-human could shoot an 81 year old woman, and in her own home,” adding, “But you can rest assured that every available resource will be used to find whoever is responsible for this awful nightmare. This is tremendously sad.”