Ahead of the Jaguars vs Falcons game on Sunday, fans already had entertainment as there was a slip up on the mascot side. The Jaguars mascot tried to attempt a backflip from the top of the stage but ended up getting stuck on the bungee cord, leaving the audience howling and cheering at the same time.

Jaguars might not be a fan favorite team but the Jaguars mascot will be memorable to the audience that was present life and otherwise. The FOX Sports NFL coverage account on Twitter shared the video of the incident with, “Easily one of the most dedicated mascots in the NFL”

The Jacksonville Jaguars mascot is called, ‘Jaxson de Ville’, with a cartoonish rendition of a Jaguar in yellow. The big cat was seen hanging out, ready to cheer the team and raise spirits, but ended up needing aid to get off the air itself. Fans, however, still had a day, some laughing, some appreciating the cat for its dedication. Jokes were shared, memes were made and the fans ended up being cheered up after all.

The Big Cat Country account on Twitter which covers all Jaguar related news and updates took its own turn to mention the amusing incident,

“Reddit: “Posting the final recap before halftime is embarrassing!!!”

Jaguars: “We are going to make it look like our mascot died in front of thousands of children.”

Some even notice how it’s not the first time the Jaguars mascot has risked it all to perform its duty as team mascot. Some audience members got actually scared for the well-being of the person dressed in the beloved giant cat costume. Luckily for the collective relief of the audience, the big ol’ Jaxson de Ville was lowered into the seats by the cord, safely.

By Pickswise, “Jaguars mascot Jaxson DeVille got stuck after his bungee jump entrance and had to be lowered into the seats to get down”

The Jaguars themselves have consistently been underwhelmingly bad in the league for many years, and many meme-makers and the Twitter audience did not let this moment go without purchase.

User Drew Chiodo retweeted one account of the incident with, Probably still the high point of the day for the @Jaguars,” with another one that said, “The visual metaphors are getting a little on the nose.”

The attempt of the Jaguars’ mascot still fell short to take away from the team losing it’s ninth consecutive game of the season with a 21-14 loss against the Atlanta Falcons. Even though the team looked to be coming into the game in the latter half, it was too little, too late to make it to the victory side.