Renowned actor Jake Gyllenhaal stated that in his opinion the defining moment of his career was acting in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The famous actor who played the role of Mysterio/Quentin Beck in 2019 was a superhero movie.

Jake Gyllenhaal stated in a recent interview that this is the exact film that made him feel that he takes himself way too seriously as a performer.

Gyllenhaal stated that “what was interesting, when I went into ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home… I think I was taking myself too seriously.

“In fact, I’m sure of it. I think I had really lost that sense of play and fun that I am. That sort of, that class clown that I talk about, found that idea of just popping a shoulder and making a funny face.”

The Ambulance actor further said, “It was such a cathartic thing to be able to throw away all that seriousness and really become the actor that I think I’ve always wanted to be in a lot of ways.”

The actor further confessed that he really enjoyed working in that movie along with Tom Holland who played the lead role of Spider-Man. This is the movie that made Jake realize that acting is a fun profession and it should not be taken too seriously.

Jake Gyllenhaal will be seen next in “Ambulance” which is an action thriller by Michael Bay and claimed that this is the film that fulfilled his dream of working with the brain behind” Transformers.”

 “I always wanted to make a movie with Michael Bay. I’m drawn to filmmakers and their vision of the world – they’re all so varying and different. I’ve heard so many things about the way Michael Bay makes movies. You know, the bullhorn, the bombastic behavior, and all this stuff. And I was like, ‘Ooh, what’s that like?'”

He further concluded that Spider-Man is a case of deep manifestation. It makes you discover your own self while going through different journeys and different pathways. He realized that it is always fun to work on films where the people and the team are fantastic.

Therefore, “Enjoy them and enjoy the life around you cause life goes by super fast.'”