Travel enthusiasts are pretty much cracking their knuckles, planning a soul-refreshing trip to somewhere otherworldly this summer. There are so many places you can choose to go during this summer season, but there are a few that will attract you with their inexpensive costs. Any Jamaica all-inclusive trips you find are sure to surprise you pleasantly with their reasonable prices.

Why Jamaica?

Jamaica is an island country in the Caribbean that has long since been a center of tourist attraction due to its rich culture and vibrant coastlines. There is never a dull moment in Jamaica, is what people like to say about it in terms of traveling there. The cities are filled with British-colonial architecture and beach activities to keep you busy being one with the ocean. This part of the northern American continent has more of these beautiful beaches due to the geography.

Also known as the birthplace of Reggae music, the country proudly presents its culture in the form of music, events, food, and much more. The popularity of the country is constant over the years. There is hardly any drawback that should keep you away from this lively country. From great nightlife, incredible museums to unmatched beaches, you will find it takes you off your feet splendidly. After hearing all this, hardly any reason remains for you to think ‘why Jamaica?’ at all.

Apart from all these crazy adventures that are sure to follow you while you visit over there, one of the key factors it has such a consistent, even growing crowd of tourists every year, is because of its affordability. Especially considering the exchange rate to US dollars, the cost of expenses you incur comes down to a lot less than what you might give to other more posh countries. If you are someone who is inspired by adventures and places instead of how fancy or popular they are, this is a huge point in favor of Jamaica and why it should be on your immediate visit list.

Moving on, we have some suggestions on cities and favorite spots of stay within those cities. Hotel accommodation on islands can be really fun, you can find resorts, villas, and whatnot. Let’s look at some options:

Geejam Hotel – Port Antonio

After Montego Bay, Port Antonio comes as one of the busiest cities Jamaica has to offer in terms of tourists. Even though all of Jamaica can be called a country rich in natural beauty, Port Antonio is specifically closer to waterfalls, magnificent mountains, and mysterious forests for those who love exploring. Geejam Hotel is an extremely premium accommodation location that can fulfill all your dreams of what waking up to serenity feels like.

Deja Resort – Montego Bay

Montego Bay is already famous for its wild and protected waters that make you feel like you are in a constant state of euphoria. Also home to an amusement park and multiple cruise points coming in from surrounding locations, the city has Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach to mesmerize you. Deja is a place you don’t want to miss out on if you are looking for affordable places to stay in Montego. It is a place to come and forget all about your worries, with all the amenities and activities you might want to pay a visit nearby.

Xtabi Resort – Negril

If you want to take a look at what affordable luxury looks like in this suggestion list for Jamaica’s all-inclusive trips, take a look at Xtabi’s accommodation and how it is built to give you the best island experience there could be. The location of the resort itself is so wildly interesting, you will be tempted to look more. With an open-air seaside bar and restaurant, and the ocean directly beside the resort, you can deep dive into the water and catch dinner while watching the sunset.

Their seafront cottages are all to die for after taking one look. Despite all this, the stay costs hardly $1000 for a week straight out of season and goes up while in-season depending upon the demand. If you need anywhere to stay to enjoy the deep lagoons and bay of Negril, let it be this place. The 7-mile beach can take you to and from many wondrous places in the country. From the Hummingbird Garden, Blue Hall the pool cave, to Benta Falls, are all just a start to what Negril has to offer within its range.

SEAGRAPES – Discovery Bay

Another great suggestion for affordable stays is Seagrapes. Discovery Bay is more located towards the northern side of Jamaican island. It is also known as Dry Harbour in the country. Known for its friendly people and safe environment created by consistent tourism that promotes work and job opportunities, the city is nothing less of a favorite either. Seagrapes Villa adds to the positives of the city, with its comfortable rooms and suites. The location offers plenty of opportunities to take a dive or go kayaking at the beach.

These are just a few options in Jamaica’s all-inclusive trips list that can grow as long as you continue looking. There is no scarcity of options on the culturally rich island, you can find plenty of further accommodations, and activities online.