Hygiene has been a major concern since before the coronavirus pandemic. In airplanes, people do not want to get in contact with the bathroom doorknob.

A Japanese airline that goes by the name of ANA has been testing a new bathroom door that you can easily open using your elbow or arm.

The lack of proper space serves to be a challenge when designing stuff for an airplane. The doors of bathrooms in planes open inward to avoid a rush at the aisle, and they usually have flat handles instead of the common doorknobs.

The prototype these airplanes have come up with uses a spring which one just needs to press making the process more hygienic.

On the inside of the door, there is a slide button of larger than average size which can be closed using your elbow ultimately making the whole process hands-free.

Hands-free Lavatory doors at ANA airports in the testing phase

As yet the prototype is only placed in the lounge of ANA’s airport in Tokyo where they are collecting customer feedback to use if it’s user-friendly. The popularity of this design will definitely lead to its widespread use.

The Japanese company JAMCO, which is famous for manufacturing airplane seats, restrooms, and galleries came up with this door prototype.

ANA’s CEO claims that the airline experience will be as comfortable and enjoyable as it was pre-pandemic. The company’s new cleanliness program includes the introduction of self-service kiosks at the check-in and the compulsion of wearing masks for the passengers and the whole of the crew.

Many of the staff wear face shields in addition to the masks for added safety. The new hygienic measures taken include air filters which the company claims are as good as the ones used in hospital operation theaters.

The regular disinfection of the seats, aisles, and possibly every surface along with the doors including the lavatory ones helps in building customer trust.