Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet have decided to give their fragile marriage another try and “work things out” after announcing a public split.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet have been married for 11 years and have two children.

The couple announced their separation at the beginning of 2022 but reportedly have reconciled to work out their differences and give their marriage another chance.

According to reports, the couple is “already living together again.”

“Jason moved back in with Lisa about two weeks ago and they are very much back together. They decided to work on things rather than throw in the towel because they have so much invested in each other,” a source close to the couple stated.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet had announced their separation in a joint statement earlier this year. 

“We have all felt the squeeze and changes of these transformational times… A revolution is unfolding and our family is of no exception… feeling and growing from the seismic shifts occurring,” the pair said.

Their statement continued, “We share this not because we think it’s newsworthy but so that as we go about our lives we may do so with dignity and honesty. The love between us carries on, evolving in ways it wishes to be known and lived. We free each other to be who we are learning to become…Our devotion unwavering to this sacred life our children. Teaching our children what’s possible. Living the Prayer. May Love Prevail J & L.”

There was a lot of speculation surrounding their separation because of the different career paths.

A source close to Jason had cited that “Jason is very focused on his career and wants to work. He has found success and it’s driving him and is very fulfilling,” a source shared. “Lisa wants to be in LA and is not interested in going on location for long periods of time with him.”

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet have been married for a long time now but their relationship is way older than that. They have two kids’ daughter Lola who is 14-year-old and son Nakoa-Wolf who turned 13 recently.