This week’s Saturday Night Live became more lively with not one, but three Joe Biden’s on the set. James Austin Johnson who plays Joe Biden currently, was seen along with Jason Sudeikis who played Biden on SNL when he was a Vice President and Alex Moffat who played Biden for a brief time during the previous season.

The night started with James Austin Johnson as Biden, who was sad he is not as well received by people when he was the Vice President. “I don’t understand. People used to like me. The press would call me ‘Uncle Joe.’ I miss the old me. Where the hell did that guy go?”

Just in time, while current Joe Biden was bummed out, a ghostly fog filled the stage, and Vice President Biden (played by Jason Sudeikis) appeared in aviator sunglasses and a jacket. “Hey-o!” VP Biden greeted. He further added, “Trick or treat, smell my feet. Eh, I’m just kiddin’.”

After a fiery appearance, he told current Biden that he is “the Ghost of Biden Past,” and he comes from when Biden was still the VP, which is an easy gig to handle. “We’re like America’s wacky neighbor. We just pop in with an ice cream cone, some aviator shades, finger guns,” he said, while he advised the bummed out Biden (James Austin) to loosen up a little bit.

But the New Biden countered the old version of Biden that it is a nightmare for him and he can’t have fun because the “last President ruined everything.”

While the conversation was going on between the new and old Biden, another ghostly fog appeared and a third Biden was on the stage. “Who the hell are you?” exclaimed, Old Biden (Played by Jason Sudeikis). “I’m Joe Biden,” replied the new Biden who just appeared on the stage, played by Alex Moffat. To which Old Biden counter questioned, “From when?”

“March 2021,” replied Moffat Biden and disappeared.

Bidding farewell to Moffat Biden, Old Biden (Jason Sudeikis) said to the New Biden (James Austin) that he must go back to 2013. However, The New Biden didn’t want the Old Biden to leave, “I can’t do this without you.”

To this, the Old Biden replied, “Of course you can. Because guess what, buddy, you are me. And now I want you to stand tall, flash those 100% natural choppers we got, and remember we may be from different eras, but at the end of the day we’re both Joe freakin’ Biden.”  And this is how the fun-filled night with trio Bidens wrapped up.