Since the advent of the internet, the world has become increasingly available to all of us across the world. This has also provided opportunities for normal people to become celebrities through the “attention economy” in no time. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok make people famous overnight through content creation. One such name who became popular in American households is Jayda Wayda.

If you make a regular appearance on the interwebs, you might have heard of Jayda Wayda by now. If not, then let us tell you that she is one of the most famous ‘Instagram queens’ from the United States of America.

Who is Jayda Wayda?

Jayda Wayda started as an Instagram blogger/influencer but her popularity surged across the United States which led her to pave the way for a business and transform herself into a successful business mogul. She became an entrepreneur who sells wigs, garments, bundles, clothing, accessories, and various other hair products.

The real name of Jayda Wayda is Jayda Ayanna. She first started getting the spotlight when she was dating the famous celebrity and rapper, Lil Baby. Later on, she created a niche for herself and now she is known and recognized as an American model, Instagram influencer, and successful entrepreneur.

Jayda Wayda was born in Savannah, Georgia. She spent her early life in Savannah. She rose to fame at such a young age that people often question how old is Jayda Wayda?To answer the question, Jayda Wayda was born on 25th September 1997. This makes Jayda Wayda age to be 24-years-old. Her astrological birth sign is Libra.

How tall is Jayda Wayda?

Jayda Wayda’s height is 5 feet 1 inch or 1.54 meters. She appears to be taller than that in pictures even despite her normal stature. Apart from her height, no other body statistics are shared publicly. Currently, we are unaware of the actual weight of Jayda Wayda or any of her body measurements.

Jayda Wayda had an interesting childhood. She was raised in the neighborhood of Savannah by her parents. From a very young age, she had the passion to do something for herself in order to break this tiresome circle of life, where she felt she was stuck and wanted a way out of it.

Wayda finished high school in May 2015 at Windsor Forest High school. Jayda Wayda’s birthday comes on 25th September and this year she will turn 25.

Jayda Wayda – A Success Story

The story of Jayda Wayda is truly inspirational. It is a great achievement to cross 5000+ subscribers for a channel in mere 4 months of its inauguration. People loved the content that Jayda created and in no time were following her religiously. She became a household name in no time and this gave her an advantage to jump into starting her own business – her childhood dream.

Jayda Wayda’s channel was full of content that was about beauty tips, health, and fitness regimes. She created content regarding the hacks and tips that she personally used for her beauty. The small makeup hacks made her skin look flawless and did not cause a dent in the pocket.

People could relate to her. She started giving suggestions regarding health, diets, and fitness regimes to her followers. She began to create content regarding health and fitness for people who were her followers but not necessarily of her same age group. This envisioned her channel further as it gained more popularity and crossed borders of fame.

Jayda Wayda’s videos on YouTube have more than 464,228 views and this is itself proof of a successful career on the YouTube platform.

Jayda Wayda has a sprawling career as an influencer not only on YouTube but also on her other social media portals. She has hundreds of thousands of fans on her Instagram handle and other platforms where she keeps on posting about her new content and keeps the followers in a loop for her updates. This keeps the fans and the followers delighted, invested, and engaged with her content.

The official Instagram handle of Jayda Wayda has approximately 6.8 million followers whereas on her Twitter account she has successfully surpassed over 210k followers.

Jayda Wayda is considered one of the top youngest entrepreneurs in America who have achieved a lot through their patience and inbuilt abilities to recognize business power. Before becoming an internet sensation, she had successfully dwelled in the world of business while she was completing her education. She had a thriving business of hair accessories by the time she graduated in 2018.

Later on, she decided to write her own book to help the younger generation in becoming successful entrepreneurs and how to step into the fierce world of money-making.

The title of the book is “15 important steps to become a young boss.” This book can also be considered as her autobiography as she has openly discussed her struggles, her failures, her setbacks, her small joys, her achievements, and the journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur at a young age.

One of the lethal points that Wayda pointed out in her book was that it is the enthusiasm and passion which leads an individual to success. A person needs to have the ability to perform all the given tasks in hands-on time. This will make you achieve more than you have anticipated in life. This book is beautifully written and has wonderful advice for people who are searching for guidance to create a niche of their own in business.

A famous excerpt from her book which went viral across social media mentioned that starting your own business is always an exciting thought but if not given proper consideration, this might become scary. She said the mere reason is that sometimes the challenges that you face in real life are much more than what you have anticipated mentally.

She further explained how to incorporate simple business strategies to market the products and strengthen the business worth in order to establish business across the globe.

Jayda Wayda wrote her own experience and her own business tactics which helped her transform a small business into a successful entrepreneurial household name across the country.

The book is currently available in both digital forms as well as hard copy.

Jayda Wayda is habitual of streaming live on her various social media platforms which enables her to stay in touch with her fans and interact with them on a regular basis.

Jayda Wayda has diversified herself into different fields of business. She is a known personality and has become one of the most sought-after influencers as well as social media activists. She also leads a merchandising business along with having an online boutique that sells hair products, styling, and clothing items.

She also earns from her different social media platforms so overall her net worth is surging on a daily basis.

Net Worth of Jayda Wayda

Jayda Wayda has an approximate net worth of $10 million to about $15 million. The precise net worth is still unknown but as she crossed 3 million fans and followers on her Instagram handle, it is confirmed that she gets paid on the platform as well for her posts. The average of an advertisement post is somewhere between $3.53k to $5.88k.

It is estimated that her YouTube channel monetizes about $1.4k to $22.8k per year. Jayda Wayda is living a very luxurious and comfortable life with her family members. She likes to remain discreet about her family to maintain their privacy. She has a younger brother, who is often spotted with him in public.

Apart from that, there is no information regarding her assets, vehicles, or any other valuable items. Jayda is inclined towards building an empire for herself through massive hard work and the insight of utilizing her capabilities to the maximum.

Personal life of Jayda Wayda

Jayda Wayda has always been in the limelight for her multiple relationships and affairs. For her personal appearance, she once tweeted that she was having breast implants. There was another time when she stated on her Twitter that she will be going under the knife for serious body makeup. She referred to plastic surgery.

The drop scene was later on revealed when it was known that a close friend of Jayda Wayda, Chris had hacked her account and had tweeted that horrendous post regarding breast enhancement. Chris revealed the truth stating that nothing of this sort was in the pipeline by the famous Instagram influencer.


Jayda Wayda began her career at a very young age while she was still studying. She got more than 2 million followers in no time and that’s when she decided to concentrate on her dream since childhood of becoming an entrepreneur.

She started focusing on her own business of products that were related to clothing, hair, and beauty.Jayda also has a very famous clothing boutique called Amour Jayda, which is very famous currently in the country.

She used her social media contacts and influence very wisely. She would create content with the help of her splurging wigs, beautiful hairstyles, and stylish clothes that her followers would demand to buy the exact same item. This worked well for her and immediately her boutique and her designed line were a hit.

Her hairstyling and hair care products made people appreciate her more and they became more successful than her clothing line. Similarly, her beauty and cosmetics products were most sought after and people were happy to receive high-end products which were being manufactured under her brand.

The Instagram influencer is very much in love with her current boyfriend, American rapper Lil Baby. The couple has been together for a very long time now. They both are on Instagram as Lil Baby is also a sort-of influencer. The couple welcomed a baby boy in February of 2019. They did not reveal the name of the baby for the public.

The couple is living together cordially and there are no signs of separation or breakup. The couple is known for gushing over each other through their social media posts. They love to express their love for their partners and often share compassionate words for one another. There is no history of complications amongst the couple.

Final Verdict

Jayda Wayda is a great example of people living and executing their dreams in the land of opportunities – America. She started off young and did not let her passion die. She kept on working hard keeping in mind her goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Today, she is one of the most sought-after social media influencers of the country yet she hasn’t taken a break and continues to work with the same zeal and zest as she started with.