Amazon’s CEO and the wealthiest person on earth, Jeff Bezos, wrote against the American Media claiming that they have blackmailed him.

American Media which is a subsidiary of National Enquirer posted personal messages of Jeff and Lauren in the context that the CEO of Amazon has been cheating on his wife.

The article from Bezos clearly said, that he will be launching a private investigation, which will be led by David Pecker to learn how the media house was able to breach his privacy.

After the investigation started, the head content writer of the media house threatened Jeff’s lawyers that they’ll publish his intimate pictures as well.

One out of the two emails that Bezos received from AMI, includes the threat of posting his pictures and the other one includes a list of the terms of agreement laid out by the AMI.

Jeff Bezos

One of the terms says that Jeff Bezos’s party will agree on a media outlet demands, approved by both of the parties, that the coverage by AMI was not politically backed or influenced.

Bezos went with the third option of revealing what he referred to as an attempt of blackmail. This included the personal mobile and email contacts of the AMI’s representative contacting him.

He said that he does not want to become a part of the well-known practice of AMI of blackmailing people neither does he want his private pictures to be made public.

The representative from AMI responded to this, by saying that the negotiation attempt was in good faith, and to resolve the matters it will prevail. He also added that the accusations from Jeff Bezos have led to the formal investigation of the matter by the Board.

It was also made clear that upon the completion of the investigation the Board itself will decide whatever actions they seem necessary.