Renowned make-up artist Jeffree Star recently posted a picture on his social media wrapped up in the arms of a stranger whose face could not be seen. The picture shared by the influential Youtuber has left the internet and fans puzzled and in complete shock about the secret identity of this muscular man.

It seems that Star, who broke up earlier this year with his long-term boyfriend of five years, Nathan Schwandt, has got a new lover, and the internet immediately put on their detective hats to find out who this mystery man was.

The picture shared by the CEO of Jeffree Star Cosmetics shows the star all wrapped up and sitting on the lap of a muscular man whose face cannot be seen.


The mystery man may have been anonymous in the picture, shared by the make-up entrepreneur on his Twitter account, but his arms and tattoos were visible.

That’s all it took for fans to figure out who Jeffree’s new secret lover is.

A fan on Twitter identified the new lover as Andre Marhold, a professional basketball player. The guesses were later proved right as Star posted more pictures of him on his Instagram.

The tall, basketball player is an aspiring star who hopes to join the NBA one day. He previously played for Duquesne University as a forward, and the Austrian basketball league where he proved his mettle. Later in 2015, the star moved to the German basketball league.

Jeffree Star shares intimate pictures with mystery boyfriend Jeffree Star shares intimate pictures with mystery boyfriend

Not everyone was very happy about this revelation, but some of them commented that Jeffree was paying Marhold to play boyfriend.

Jeffree took notice of these negative comments and responded by saying that he does not pay money to anyone he is dating.

Andre Marhold currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and reportedly also has a child. Both Jeffree and Andre are yet to officially comment on their relationship status.