Jeffrey Toobin has returned to CNN to resume his position as the channel’s chief legal analyst. The 61-year-old analyst had been fired by the New Yorker after he exposed himself on camera during a Zoom call with colleagues.

Toobin had caused a stir on social media after he “was caught masturbating on camera” in October of last year. A month later, he was fired by The New Yorker, where he served as a staff writer and later issued a public apology for his actions in a segment of the “CNN Newsroom” with anchor Alisyn Camerota.

While seated next to Camera on the CNN news desk, Jeffrey Toobin not only sent out an apology to his family members and viewers but also expressed his privilege in getting a chance to “rebuild” what was lost.

Camerota took Toobin back a few steps and quoted Jay Leno: “What the hell were you thinking?” to which Toobin described himself as a “flawed human being who makes mistakes.” To clarify the situation, the writer-turned analyst explained that he thought the camera was not recording him.

However, Jeffrey Toobin also acknowledged that no excuse would ever be satisfactory to repudiate the weight of his actions.  He admitted that his conduct on the Zoom call was undoubtedly “moronic and indefensible.”

Toobin said he started sending out notes of apologies to fellow New Yorkers the very same day. According to Toobin, they were shaken by the abrupt change in the setting but thought of it as something he would deeply regret in the days to come.

From then till now, Jeffrey Toobin has repeatedly apologized to New Yorkers, both privately and publicly. The nude Zoom debacle was initially reported by Vice in October. At the time of the incident, Toobin had released a brief statement that termed his actions as an “embarrassingly stupid mistake.”

During his recent interview with Camerota, Toobin was questioned on his highly ironic actions, considering he had previously covered notable figures like Bill Clinton when faced with sexual misconduct allegations.

Camerota asked the analyst why he didn’t act on better judgment. Upon being reminded of his previous experience in light of what transpired in October, Toobin said he “didn’t have better judgment.” He acknowledged not having any legitimate excuse for his conduct and fully accepted the consequences that came his way.

Jeffrey Toobin also mentioned how he felt the New Yorker firing was undeniably “heartbreaking,” especially considering the investigation into his 27-year career exposed no other complaints. Although Toobin accepted the aftermath of his committing such an act, he thought the punishment levied by The New Yorker was “excessive.”

Toobin said he has spent the last few months trying to “be a better person.” Apart from expressing his gratitude to CNN for taking him back, he acknowledged that people would compare the two networks in their course of action following his Zoom exposure.

Jeffrey Toobin is once again going to take up his role as a chief legal analyst on CNN, a spokesperson confirmed.