On Friday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that police forces use “too much unnecessary force” that ends in the killings of “Black and Brown Americans.”

When Psaki was asked whether President Joe Biden had seen the video of 13-year-old Adam Toledo being shot by police, she said that she hadn’t talked to him yet, however, she anticipated seeing him later. She also added that for all of us who did watch that footage, it is alarming and a sign that there are so many places around the world where crime is wreaking havoc.

According to Jen Psaki, the president has said time after time that he insists that a police force is necessary. That’s what he’s asking Congress to give to his office. There is an independent inquiry underway, and it undoubtedly unfolds the truth. Nonetheless, the White House has dissociated Trump from more radical elements of his party who believe that the police are so dishonest that they must be abolished. Psaki also said “that is not the president’s opinion” when she was questioned about Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich.

Biden, according to Psaki, believes in using laws, especially for the George Floyd Justice to put many of these critical changes in force.

Camera Footage of Adam Toledo

After the publication of the video and other pieces of evidence relating to the shooting of the kid, who was critically injured by an officer reacting to a call of gunshots fired in the neighborhood, the Chicago community, and Toledo family were in great shock. Toledo was keeping his arms up as he was shot once in the face, as shown in video evidence.

A security camera captures the police’s pursuit from a different angle. It showed that Toledo was attempting to run behind the barrier. Later in the video, a rifle is seen on the ground next to the barrier, just feet from where Toledo was wounded. The kid ran with a gun in his hand when he was shot.

However, a lawyer representing Toledo’s family claims that the footage shows that the kid was following Stillman’s orders when the cop fired his weapon.

According to the police, the officer opened fire when he saw the kid running with a weapon without a doubt that it was owned by the kid illegally.