Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have allegedly brought their on-screen romance to real life. If rumors are to be believed, the much loved-duo has been seeing each other for a while now. The two are yet to publicly acknowledge this news and yet, their fans are already over the moon.

The Friends’ stars had admitted their feelings for each other on the special episode of “Friends: The Reunion.” Ever since the two acknowledged their fondness for each other, their long-lost romance from the show seems to be back.

A source close to the celebrities said,

After the reunion, it became clear that reminiscing over the past had stirred up feelings for both of them and that chemistry they’d always had to bury was still there." 

Soon after, the two hit off by initial texting, and last month, David Schwimmer paid a visit to Jennifer Aniston at her home in L.A.

According to the source, the two have been spending quality time together at Aniston’s place, where she has been preparing homemade dinners for Schwimmer. Apart from their cozy stay-at-home, the dynamic duo has also been spotted strolling around one of Aniston’s favorite vineyards in Santa Barbara.

During the Friends Reunion in May 2021, a shy Schwimmer, now 54, professed a crush on Aniston, which was fully reciprocated during the show’s official run from 1994 to 2004. But despite their mutual attraction, the two were never able to act upon their feelings.

“It was like two ships passing,” said Schwimmer, who now has a daughter with ex-wife Zoe Buckman.  With the two actors always invested in other people and relations, there was never much of a chance to explore their own sizzling dynamic.

Jennifer Aniston herself reflected on the past and recalled a time where she told Schwimmer if their first kiss would be on national television.  And of course, given their commitments, that’s exactly what ended up happening.

With everything that’s been happening, it looks like the two have jumped right back to where they left off. Last week, Schwimmer put up a picture of himself wearing a lobster shirt that included a washed-out shadow of the much-loved TV couple.

Aniston took to her own Instagram post to respond to the picture, along with the caption “We were so NOT on a Break.” But even after these rumors have taken up space on social media, the official reps of Aniston and Schwimmer have denied these tales.