Even after decades, Jennifer Aniston has managed to be a figure of interest. From her stellar acting abilities to her conventional fashion choices, the actress has always seemed to leave viewers in absolute awe. Once again, she has managed to steal the spotlight, and guess what? The recent news surrounding the popular actress is rising in connection to her ex-beau.

Back in March, internet sleuths had cooked up a theory where Jennifer Aniston and ex John Mayer were back together. Much to the credit of those netizens, this theory was based on concrete evidence.

Mayer uploaded a TikTok of a dog and it took the viewers by a storm. Now, here’s the catch- the dog wasn’t just any ordinary dog, but it bore an uncanny resemblance to Aniston’s rescue pup, Lord Chesterfield.

Keeping the matching fur aside, viewers also took note of the collar that looked identical to the one hung around Lord Chesterfield’s neck.  With this news setting the internet ablaze, a picture is most certainly worth a thousand words and how!

When Jennifer Aniston was asked about the ongoing speculations, the actress played it lightly, much to the dismay of Mayer-Aniston shippers. The InStyle cover star took note of the collar resemblance and claimed that those looked extremely cool. She also added how her friend makes these collars under a brand-named RN Design.

But as far as the dog theory was concerned, Aniston claimed to be unfamiliar. 

“What prompts the question about dog collars if I’m shown at dinner?” she said. “That’s what I’d like to get to the bottom of.” 

Despite Jennifer Aniston’s refusal of an ongoing affair, there is still a lot left to be explored. The former couple has previously raised eyes with their activities.  In addition to their sizzling chemistry, the two had been seen at the Sunset Tower Hotel at the same time in February 2020.

And in April, the Friends star was seen watching Mayer live on Instagram. Can’t all be a coincidence, can it? But as far as the dog theory is concerned, that one will have to be put under the rug for now. Better luck next time!