After months of rumors and refutations, Jennifer Lopez and her fiancée, Alex Rodriguez has called it quits. The former couple released a joint statement on Thursday which declared their decision to end their two-year engagement as they are “better as friends.”

The Bronx-born singer who entered the world of music with her album named after the 6 train; he, a former Bronx-born Baseball player with close relations to Miami spoke to the NBC “Today” News and announced that they will remain amicable and continue to be a source of guiding light in the lives of each other. Mr. Rodriguez; a man who has stood by Lopez achieving milestone after milestone is still going to be the same man whereas Ms. Lopez, who had been the doting mother to their children will continue doing so until the end of time.

During their relationship, the two had initiated and worked on a myriad of projects, which will still be continued in the same manner. They also profoundly offered their unconditional support not only for each other but also to one another’s children. Together, they extended their gratitude to “everyone who has sent kind words and support”, as cited by NBC News.

The status of Jennifer Lopez’s engagement had been up in the air for several months now. Last month, the rumors reached a new bearing that emphatically pronounced Lopez’s relationship with Rodriguez as one that had wilted. However, the dynamic duo was quick to push these stories under the carpet as they declared that they were solving problems like a team. But despite their reluctance in admitting to their share of relationship problems, Jennifer Lopez’s fans were quick to notice her bare finger on her Instagram earlier this week.

Sources close to the couple revealed that Lopez and Rodriguez were going through a rough patch in their relationship; one that hits everyone at some point. The good thing about the two was that they never failed to acknowledge the prevalent issues and made it a point to discuss them through, said the source. Regardless of their issues, they were still very much together and were continuously “working through things’, elaborated the source.

Before their breakup announcement, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were all set to get married last year. However, it looks like fate had other plans as the virus threw water on all their dreams and their wedding was subsequently postponed. After postponing their marriage, the two never really started their next course of action and before we knew it; Lopez and Rodriguez had called their engagement off.