It seems like Jennifer Lopez’s life keeps getting harder. Just three months after her last lawsuit in January, she is back in the courts with another case.

This time, the star came under heat for uploading a picture on her Instagram account. The photograph under discussion was posted by Lopez in June 2017 and got over 655k likes.

The world-famous actor and singer got accused of violating copyright laws by Steve Sands, a photographer based in New York for sharing a picture of herself on Instagram captured by him.

According to the information received, Lopez or her company did not have the authority or Steve’s prior permission to share the photograph online.

Steve Sands alleged that the singer used the photo as a means of promotion without compensating him. He is, therefore, pursuing $150k from Lopez in damages in the Manhattan federal court.

Lawyer Richard Liebowitz, who filed the case, said that celebrities often use pictures without the photographer’s consent for commercial and self-promotional purposes, without compensating the photographers.

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to lawsuits. In 2019, a very similar case occurred when Jennifer was taken to court for posting a picture with her partner, Alex Rodriguez, without a license. The company suing her claimed, that she was informed of the infringement in 2017, but no action was taken on her behalf.

Earlier this year, Lopez was also sued for $40 million by the ex-stripper Samantha Barbash who was the inspiration behind Lopez’s character in the crime drama film Hustlers.

According to the lawsuit, Samantha Barbash refused to give consent to her portrayal in the film, but the filmmakers went ahead with it anyway. She claims that the character defamed her, and the portrayal was far from reality and offensive.

The picture in question has been removed from the Instagram account of Jennifer Lopez at the time of this writing.