JLO is all set to launch her beauty and skincare line. During a promotional video interview, she denied all the rumors of her getting Botox injections.

In a promotional interview on Zoom, Lopez showed up flaunting her smooth, glowing skin. During the interview, the 51-year-old singer revealed an interesting story from her early twenties that not only put the lingering rumors to bed, but also revealed the secret behind her flawless skincare routine.

While talking about the video, Jennifer revealed that when she was twenty years old, she visited a dermatologist, who gave her a facial cleanser and a sunscreen with the advice, if she will use this regularly, she will have healthy skin.

After three years when she visited another dermatologist, she pointed out the line appearing on Jennifer’s face and recommended her to get the Botox treatment. However, to this JLO replied with a no and backed out. Although her boyfriend at the time insisted by saying that he also gets it, she didn’t approve.

Commenting on the situation, she expressed her worries, if she would have got it done, then she would look different from now.

After completing her story, JLO revealed that after using hundreds of products from the drugstore and buying expensive products for her skincare routine, she ended up using her mother’s, Guadalupe Rodriguez, secret recipe.

Elaborating about her mother’s secret tip, the singer went on to tell that for many years people have one major question about her and that is what does she do to keep her skin healthy. She went on to say that now she thought it had become an obligation for her to reveal the secret.

Due to this, she planned to launch her skin care line that will surely help her fans to get skin like hers. One vital ingredient in her skincare product is olive oil.

Olive oil has been cited as a ‘natural magic potion’ that helps keep your hair, body, nails, and skin healthy. And if it didn’t have that reputation before, well, now it will, because America’s greatest singing icon uses it.

Moreover, official sales of JLO Skincare products will begin on 1st January 2021. However, fans can pre-order JLO Beauty products by 8th Dec 2020 that includes JLO Glow Multitasking Serum and Blockbuster Wonder Cream.