Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip are having the time of their lives in Mexico. The couple is celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary by going around town, cruising by the beach, and relaxing by the pool.  Joanna took to Instagram to share snippets of their mini excursion, thanking Chip for the blissful 18 years.

“18 years. Thankful to be on this adventure with you-happy anniversary @chipgaines.” From the pictures posted by Joanna, it is evident that the two are having an adventure of a kind. One of the clips posted by the star captures her falling backward into a pool in an eye-catching bikini.

Joanna’s style statement doesn’t go unnoticed as her Fixer Upper fans swarm in to appreciate her toned body, even after 5 kids. One such user not only used a variety of emoticons to praise the home renovation gurus but also sent love and praise to the power couple on their anniversary. “Happy anniversary you dream of a team power couple!! we love you!” wrote the user.

Despite having a family of seven, Joanna Gaines has prioritized her health over everything. With a big family and an entire TV network to run, how does the 43-year-old actress find time to work out? According to the home decorator enthusiast, the definition of ‘fitness’ has changed over the years for her.

In an older Instagram post, Joanna Gaines spoke of her daily workout routine during her 20’s. However, the concept of being fit was new to the star, and was solely concentrated “on the idea of looking good on the exterior.” The fitness routine had become more of an unhealthy obsession than a good habit of Joanna.

The obsession with maintaining a certain level of fitness had taken a toll on Joanna Gaines and ultimately, the star decided to take a 10-year gap to assess her priorities in life. “From age 27 to 37, I did not work out because of the pressure I felt that was associated with it.” However, her perspective has changed in recent times and the idea of health has been renewed- good health starts from the inside.

Adopting this new mindset has been a breeze for Joanna, as it not only takes the pressure off her but also helps her to fully enjoy the workout.  With time, Joanna has learned the art of fitness, and now, she knows the tricks to have a fulfilling workout session. From running on the treadmill to a power-packed 20-minute strength training, Joanna Gaines has mastered the art of exercise and how!

Apart from keeping your physical health in check, exercise also helps in monitoring stress levels and ensuring a happy mood, said Joanna to Health. She also added how her diet incorporates a large amount of fresh produce, which comes from Gaines’ farm. “For the most part I just try to eat a lot of protein during the day and then not too many carbs or I will crash at and not make it,” concludes the Fixer Upper star.