Running the white office as the 46th President of the United States of America at the age of 78, Joe Biden’s cognitive health has been one of the frequently deliberated agendas ever since he stepped up as a nominee for the 2020 American presidential elections.

Under the current circumstances, his age factor is most certainly of grave importance for the US presidential seat in the wake of the disastrous impacts of the ex-Trump era that toppled the country at many fronts both nationally and internationally. Though in anticipation of regaining the lost American civil peace and restoration of foreign relations Joe Biden is seen and welcomed as a gust of positive change, can all expectations be met amidst rising speculations of deteriorating health factors?

Can Biden Run the Office Well?

The apprehensions pertaining to his fitness to run the office if declared victorious sought momentum during the election campaigns of 2020. The media, political analysts, and the people all eyed whether Joe Biden’s cognitive health concerns were logical and that his health would support him to run the term in a well-functioning state of vigor. Having been in the political scene for nearly a half of a century now since 1972, Biden has proved himself as a  man of worth by being voted to the office twice as Vice President under the Obama administration. There is absolutely no second opinion about his competency. The high hopes of the American nation too are reflective of the faith they have in his intellectual caliber and leadership potential. But the age aspect seems to be a prominent cause that could undermine his performance and cognitive skills to run the office in the near future, if not now.

response to the trending #Joe Biden cognitive health news, the president himself affirmed of not having taken the cognitive test for dementia (an inevitable memory impairment that occurs with aging). He threw the ball in the court of the masses to decide whether they deemed him fit for office or not.

Ex-president Trump often criticized the efficiency of Joe Biden during the election campaign stating that he was not in the best intellectual state anymore to which Biden vehemently disagreed. Though President Trump was the most aged president to step into the office, Biden seems to have taken the title.

His Medical History Predicts His Future Health and Efficiency

As per the medical assessment of Biden’s doctor Kevin O’ Connor in 2019, he was strong and fit for office. However, it also surfaced from the medical assessment that Biden was using blood thinners and medicines for sinus surgeries, allergies, cholesterol, and acid reflux, indicating that he was undergoing several minor medical treatments inclusive of having his gall bladder and several non-melanoma skin cancers being removed. The past medical record of Biden evinces medical issues of the brain too such as brain aneurysm, which is the bulging of blood vessels in the brain that can lead to a possible brain stroke. As per research, this medical condition increases with age – another factor that could question Joe Biden’s cognitive health. Are Biden’s past medical history and the numerous health concerns the ideal metric to predict his future health and efficiency?

According to a proposition by Richard Dupee, MD, Chief of geriatrics Tufts Medical Center, an active lifestyle can allow an aged human being to execute duties requiring cognitive intelligence efficiently and that he may have a working memory more proficient than those decades younger than him. However, he also clarified that after 65 years of age there are of course inherent risks of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and decline in cognitive abilities –  three highly detrimental medical conditions for a person running the white office ( if confirmed).  One in every fourteen people over the age of 65 years were vulnerable to developing the symptoms of dementia, and one in every six people over the age of 80 years.

Other medical experts propound that gauging Biden’s health efficiency by the age factor is not the ideal way to address the concern at hand.

As stated in an academic paper issued by the American Federation for Aging Research, Biden has a 79% ratio of successfully completing the first term and a 70% chance of running a second term in a good mental state. However, the US president himself stated that he would only serve one single term if he is in a condition to survive.

Nevertheless, with the passage of time and currently at the age of 78, the apprehensions of Joe Biden’s cognitive health were bound to raise their head on a serious note.