History repeats itself yet once again with just another episode depicting the ‘struggle with the stairs’ of top American leaders dating back to the trend set of the early 70s or maybe even earlier.

This time around President Joe Biden stumbles multiple times while trotting up to board Air Force 1 jet plane at the Joint Base Andrews on Friday. He was seen to have gone down on his knee and almost fell sideways down on his third slip of the stairs.

With nothing more than just a common mishap experienced by people every second day, the news of the consecutive Joe Biden stumbles went viral on media news platforms worldwide. Given the age factor, his brisk attempt to stroll up the stairs resulted in tripping over and over again during which he was also seen to rub his below-the-knee area indicating he might have been hurt.

However, White House official, Director Kate Bedingfield in a news briefing certified that he is doing 100% ok with no required medical attention, and so we may as well just buy that.

Earlier incidents of stumbling on the way up to boarding or disembarking planes include former President Gerald Ford in 1975, Ex-President Barack Obama back in 2015 while disembarking Air Force One nearly fell head down the stairs of Air Force One, Ex-President Donald Trump, from Air Force Two with a close fall down a gradient at West Point Military Academy, and Vice President Mike Pence last year- And the tradition stays alive!

Joe Biden Stumbles Thrice while Boarding

In the wake of rising cognitive health apprehensions of the US President, the current incident of the multiple Joe Biden stumbles has seen many comments surface the media stream with people expressing all sorts of critical and hilarious comments. Some went on a political rant proposing to look for a better and younger candidate to take the lead of the nation, while others took the issue to a comparative level between the trending falls of their leaders.

No doubt, his weakness of composure was slightly discernible, but we might as well give him the benefit of the doubt like that given to other younger American leaders tripping before.

With no serious outcomes on record, let’s just take the incident on a lighter note and laugh off the matter with an assumption that the Air Force jet planes have a too slippery staircase for the Americans to climb.