John Walsh, the former host of “America’s Most Wanted”, barged into this case to give his two cents regarding the missing case of Gabby Petito. He stated that when he saw the bodycam footage of the fight between Gabby Petito and Brian Launderie, he was completely “terrified” and he called it “a classic domestic abuse” case.

In an interview with CNN, Walsh stated that he was absolutely horrified after watching the footage where a 911 call determined that Laundrie was slapping a girl. “I looked at it with an FBI agent friend of mine and I was terrified”, said Walsh while giving an interview to Anderson Cooper. He further exclaimed “we looked at it and I said, this girl is terrorized. This is classic domestic abuse.

Walsh also added, “he terrorized her not to tell the cops that he was the aggressor, he was the slapper and the puncher… she was terrified.”

The TV host stated that it was “chilling” to hear the 911 call in which the incident was relayed by a YouTuber who stated that Brian Laundrie had slapped his girlfriend Gabby Petito, but when the police came at the spot to inquire, Petito was labeled the aggressor.

Brian Laundrie terrorized the young woman by making sure that she didn’t tell the cops that he was the real aggressor in this case. Walsh said “It just was chilling to see that those cops didn’t get the information that the person who called in was so concerned that he pulled over a tourist and called 911 because he saw this guy beating the heck out of Gabby. And it’s so sad because had he not, she might be alive today.”

Walsh said that he intends to “put the heat on Brian” on his show “In Pursuit with John Walsh.” He exclaimed that “it’s the public that will solve this case, and I believe the public will catch this guy. We need to see this creep brought in and pay for this.”