Jojo Siwa has just come out as a member of the LGBTQ+ family and is finally relieved to have said it aloud. The teen star – with almost 32 million followers on TikTok alone – has been making waves for going public about her sexual orientation.

Siwa, who is only 17 years old, exclaimed that her family and friend already knew about her sexuality. It is the encouragement that she got from her sweet girlfriend that she finally decided to come out. She was all praises for her girlfriend, calling her amazing, perfect, wonderful, and the most beautiful girlfriend in the whole world. She has not revealed her identity yet.

Siwa has been vocal about her sexual orientation for quite some time now. It is something she isn’t ashamed of, just that this was the right time for the internet family to know about it.

The star claimed that she had attended the Pride House video, and she also did the Lady Gaga LGBTQ+ anthem, “Born this way”, and was overwhelmed by the love showered by her fans on supporting the community. She said even though she had been participating in all the events but hadn’t confirmed about herself technically. It was her girlfriend who encouraged her to come out and talk about it so that others can take inspiration from her

She further concluded that she is ready to be on the receiving end for any kind of backlash regarding her sexual orientation. She knows that not everyone in the world will accept it right now, but there are many others who will take courage from her coming out and do the same. There are millions of those who are still scared of coming out and talking about it.