On Friday, around 1 p.m.19-year-old Jordan C. White murdered 22-year-old Malik T. Gray using an illegal stolen firearm. The shooting took place in the woods near a busy Clemson Road bustling with activities of restaurants and a shopping center.

Jordan C. White was charged and jailed by the Richland County Sheriff’s Department at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center. According to the sheriff’s office, the call for the incident came from the 4400 block of Hardscrabble Road. Gray was pronounced dead on the scene by the paramedics with a wound near the lower part of their body. The victim was identified by the county’s coroner Naida Rutherford.

Ridge View High School, operating within the vicinity of the incident, seemed to go under lockout protocol as officials were investigating at the crime scene. This included classes going as normal but no one could enter or leave the premises.

Jordan C. White can be sentenced to life in prison due to multiple charges including murder, attempted murder, possessing a stolen gun, and possessing a gun in a violent crime. While investigations are underway, officials have encouraged people to come forward with any information or tips at the Crimestoppers website or at 803-785-2457.

There has been no confession or intent for the crime identified so far by Jordan C. White. No statement has been released by families or friends of either involved. The community was consoled by the Sheriff’s department of no lingering threat of security as White is currently behind bars.