Former reality star Josh Duggar has been arrested by the police, five days after his wife Anna announced they are expecting their seventh child. Although the details of his arrest are still unknown, the government records suggest that Duggar was arrested by the United States Marshals Service and put in jail on Thursday in Washington County, Arkansas.

His arrest comes just a few days after Anna took to Instagram to announce that they are expecting their seventh child, a baby girl. She posted a small snippet of the family in a large field where Josh Duggar is seen opening an umbrella over himself and pink confetti is seen dropping all over the place.

In her caption, Anna expressed her elation on having her seventh child. “We are overjoyed to announce baby seven is on the way and we can’t wait to hold her in our arms this fall!” stated the jubilant mother-to-be. The couple exchanged their vows 13 years ago and has six children together.

The Duggar Family became a household name with their popular show “19 Kids and Counting,” which was based on the personal journey of Josh Duggar’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. In 2015, the show was canceled due to a scandal when Josh was accused of. He later acknowledged his porn addiction and infidelity in his then seven-year marriage.

The entire scandal cast a shadow on the entire Duggar family, popular for their large family size and their old school mindset. Post his accusation, Josh Duggar issued a public apology and tendered his resignation at the Family Research Council in Washington, a renowned group working towards battling abortion, gay marriages, and other similar causes.

In addition, Josh Duggar was also allegedly involved in caressing five girls inappropriately back in 2002. The event never caught the public eye until an anonymous tip initiated an investigation into the wrongdoings that were later admitted by Duggar himself. However, he was never charged for the offense.

Despite TLC canceling the original Duggar show, the family started a spinoff titled “Counting On” which focuses on the lives of Josh Duggar’s sisters and their respective families.