This article will outline what does ketamine feels like and go over the “K-hole” effect, in relation to ketamine use. Further, the goal of this article is to inform the reader what ketamine feels like when taken in any of the three ways that will be mentioned in this article. The feelings, psychological, and physical effects a person undergoes taking the drug. Especially if taken recreationally, that is, not administered for medical reasons by a medical practitioner.


This is a synthetic drug employed for anesthetic or analgesic purposes. It goes by other scientific designations; CI-581, CL-369, and CM-52372.

As a medical drug for patients, it maintains a definite anesthetic state that can last from a few minutes to about two hours, depending on the patient’s condition or state. Ketamine puts a patient into a state of Trans to alleviate pain, causes sedation, and the loss of memory. Ketamine is used in intensive care treatments for pain and for controlling any depression problems.

It’s worth mentioning that it is also used as a tranquilizer for horses.

As an Illicit Drug

Ketamine, if taken or administered for any other purpose other than for medical necessity, is then considered by law as an illicit drug, be it bought or sold for consumption by any individual. It’s a hallucinogen drug that’s easier to control than cocaine by consumers.


When ketamine is taken in high enough doses, the consumer feels as though they are falling. The person starts losing control over their body and mind, as the awareness of their surroundings start becoming impaired. The user may struggle temporarily to interact with other people or the world.

Ketamine goes by the different street names of VitaminK, Super K, Special K, Donkey K, Wonk, Kent, Green, Kit-Kat, or just K.

What does Ketamine feel like?

The main reason for this article is to inform interested readers about how it feels taking K-hole. Below are the sensations that a person undergoes taking this drug:

The people get the feeling of being separated from their bodies. To them, it’s an out-of-the-body-like experience. Some individuals state they feel they are above their bodies looking down at themselves. Yet, others have experiences of getting teleport to other places or becoming one with their surroundings.

For some people it’s fun, but for some people, it’s a frightening and almost death-like experience.

This can be rationally explained. It all depends on how much the person has taken. What mental or physical condition the person is in. what has the person consumed before or during taking the drug. With whom all is the person and what type of surroundings is that person in. very importantly, it will largely depend on any medication the person is under.

Ketamine general effect on a first time user, concerning the psychological side

These general effects have been noted on a first-time user but it might not always be the case. This will be true for the psychological effects the drug has on a person’s mind.

The sensation of being cut off from yourself and the world.

Panic attacks and or anxiety attacks.

A person can have hallucinations and or paranoia episodes.

A person will have sensory perception distortions.

A level of confusion and disorientation will also be experienced.

The general affects concerning the physical side

The general effects that will be physically manifested trouble other people too. Physically, the person feels numbness all over the body, making it difficult to move or speak properly. The person really feels helpless and is so due to the drug. It’s not imagination.

But besides the partial loss of body control, the following effects will also be felt, and other people will see it too.

  • A person will not be able to stand due to dizziness.
  • A person will get sensations of nausea and can vomit.
  • A person will not be able to coordinate movements.
  • A person will have blood pressure and heart rate problems. Usually, the blood pressure and heart rate go down.

Please keep in mind; what does ketamine infusion feels like will vary. Everyone is physically and psychologically different. So these effects could hold very true for some individuals but not for everyone.

How quickly does ketamine affect a person?

It depends on how it is administered into the body.

If injected, 30 seconds to 1 minute.

If snorted up, 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

If ingested, 20 minutes.

Again depending on the person, taken in these three ways can, the time it takes to have an effect can vary.

How long will the effects of ketamine last?

The effects can last from about 45 minutes to about 90 minutes. But it can last much longer for some people. It can last hours to a few days.


These effects will occur whether a person is taking it himself/herself or if administered by a medical practitioner. There is no proven safe way to take this drug. Falling into a K-hole can have many bad mental and physical effects. Not all are mentioned here. Not mixing this drug with other medications, not have alcohol with it, and being physically fit might help reduce its effects to some degree. But it’s not a guarantee.